How to prepare for a return to school?

Holidays are the most beautiful period in the whole year for everyone who goes to school. We look forward to holidays that pass very quickly. During this time, we lie down late, get up late, spend the day on carefree games, without any duties. However, this time goes definitely too fast and to return to school is a difficult time for a young children and their parents.

Nowadays we are more and more often wondering why we still go to school when everything is available online and it takes only a few mouse clicks to find the answer to every question bothering us. Do you want to know when the first man landed on the moon? Check yourself on google. Do you want to listen to music? Go to youtube. How much is 67 percent of 110? That’s why you have a calculator in your cell to find out.

Despite the fact that we can find all the information by fingertips on a computer keyboard twenty-four hours a day, the school offers us much more than solving equations or memorizing information. It’s not just that learning in the classroom is much more effective than the minutes spent in front of a small computer screen. What primarily speaks for a school building is contacts and acquaintances that you enter with new colleagues and teachers.

Going back to school can be difficult. To facilitate your task, we have prepared 10 ways to make the landing after the holidays a bit milder, and the start of the school is much more pleasant!

1. Start the day earlier

Do not expect children who go to bed at twelve o’clock at night that they will be able to get up at 6:45 – 7:00. About one week before the start of the school year, you should start go to sleep at a reasonable time and get up early. This method is much more effective.

2. Prepare a list of things to do

Make a list of everything you need to buy and do. You will feel satisfaction from the fulfilled task and you will be sure that you will be on time with everything without undue stress.

3. Prepare everything the evening before

Wasting an hour in the morning to shake the cabinets in search of the right clothes may sound familiar to you. Teach your child to prepare everything the day before. And pack your backpack / bag the day before. Thus, you will save a lot of time in the morning, get a good night’s sleep, and maybe even make a second breakfast.

4. Breakfast. Seriously.

Breakfast! Mandatory, every day. This will provide the child with the energy needed to do what is planned. Remember, the brain, like a car, needs fuel, and children need good fuel.

5. Plan travel to school

Do you go by bus, bike or maybe by train? Make sure you’ve planned everything well and you’re sure you can make it to school on time. Check if you have a charged phone with you. Teach the child to move independently depending on the child’s ability and age.

6. Check the child’s class schedule and class placement

Check the schedule and try to predict how long it takes your child to move from one class to another. If you have the option, go to school earlier and check exactly how much it takes. This is especially important if it is a large school and your child starts learning. Thanks to this you will avoid getting lost in the corridors, confusing classes and unnecessary explanations.

7. Conversation with the children and their preparation

It is important to talk to your child about the goals for the new school year. An important element of a good organization is choosing additional activities and arranging them in a graphic that you will stick together. Remember the most important thing is the logistics and needs of the child.

8. Your work, free time, school and child’s free time

The combination of all these elements is very difficult, sometimes impossible to do. With a good organization, you can combine it. There is no way to have everything. It is known that something will suffer – it is important to set priorities and a detailed action plan. We recommend setting up a plan common for all household members, where it will be known what and when to do – then it will be much easier.

9. Budget

We all know that school time is a very expensive period. Make sure your budget can stand it.

10. Time and good fun

The school year is time for learning and personal development. Your child will become an intelligent and educated person. He sets up difficult tasks to do, but do not let him get caught up in the rat race, succumbing to pressure from the surroundings. People will respect him for who he really is.

Just remember that time spent at school is to be the best time in his life.

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