How to prepare your cat for the newborn baby

Many women plan their pregnancy or being in a blessed state, wondering what effect a cat can have on a newborn baby and whether it is safe to live together under one roof. Cats have been accompanying babies for a long time and humanity has not died out. A child staying with an animal stimulates his immune system and shapes empathy that goes beyond his species. We, the guardians, have a fairly wide access to knowledge about cat behavior, so we can ask for help, gain knowledge and combine it with our own experience for the benefit of all household members.

Cats love stabilization so it is worth to make an effort and prepare them for a changes.

How to prepare cats for a new family member:

  • Before bringing your baby home, bring the baby’s clothes or a diaper from the hospital, and place them in cat-friendly places. This will allow cats to tame a new family member.
  • This is the time when we can introduce cat pheromones at home. They should help mitigate the possible stress resulting from the new situation.
  • New things for a child and … for a cat. By putting things home for a baby, such as a cot, we can also buy things for a cat, for example a bed. In addition, we can provide a cot for a child with a special scented preparation that repels cats (making sure that it does not contain toxic substances and is safe for babies). It is a good idea that the bed is occupied from the very beginning – you can put a baby doll in it, giving the cat a signal that he can not sleep in the baby cot. Additionally, we can sprinkle the purchased bed with catnip, which will attract the cat.
  • Let’s not accelerate anything, let’s give cats a chance to get to know the new family member at their own pace. Let their contact with the child take place naturally, unforced.
  • Let’s try to reward cats in some way – for example treat or a new toy. Something that will make cats happy.
  • Let’s try to find time to cultivate our relationships with cats – sharing naps, caresses. If not fun, let the split ritual be a rest.
  • Let the cats to stay with the child (in a controlled way), let them build a relationship.
  • Cats can boldly assist in activities around the child, it is also a common time to spend time.

How can you divide your attention between cat and child in an undetected way for cats? 

You can try to offer your cat new challenges in the form of new toys, tunnels, trees, scratchers or favorite treats. The Cat Products Guide will give you many of choices. They also provide great assortment of cat grooming tools and health and wellness products to keep your furry pet tidy around your child.

Cats and children can be wonderful companions. What will happen under your roof after a newborn baby arrives to the world, depends mostly on you. We must find a way not to reject our pets for the purpose of focusing entirely on the child.



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