How to Stay fit during pregnancy

6 Tips on how to stay fit during pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most rewarding times in your life. Becoming a new mum is even more rewarding. It is very important to stay fit and exercise while pregnant, as long as you do it the right way. Here are six tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.

Do low impact exercises

Staying healthy during pregnancy is really important. You can do this by doing low impact exercises. There are many ways to do low impact exercises. You can go for walks along the south coast, walk the dog, do some gentle exercises at home, and do pelvic floor exercise anywhere you want. If you are not sure how to do low impact exercises, you can always contact your physiotherapist. He or she will give you a list of all the pregnancy-friendly exercises. You can find a list of local physiotherapist in South Coast Mums local directory.

Listen to your body

Everyone is different, and everyone experience pregnancy differently. It’s therefore extremely important to listen to your body when exercising. Ask yourself: Is this good for me? Is it hurting me? Am I doing too many exercises? Listening to your body is key to a healthy pregnancy. For example, if you have morning sickness, don’t feel like you have to do your exercise. It’s best to leave it to another day. If you friend is doing exercises and you don’t feel like doing the same ones, don’t do them. Take a day off or think about going for a walk with your friend instead. You can find more tips on how to stay healthy during pregnancy on the Australian South Coast Mums blog.

Remember to do your stretches

Some women forget to stretch after exercising. Remember to always stretch after each exercise. Daily stretching without exercising is also an exercise per se. So if you don’t feel like exercising, simply do some stretches in the morning. This will help your muscle relax and prepare you for birth.

Always stay hydrated

Many new mums to be probably already know why this is so important. Staying hydrated is important to both you and your child. Whether you exercise or not, make sure you always have your bottle with you no matter where you go. Staying hydrated can always prevent stretch marks, which is an extra benefit of hydration.

Keep eating healthy

While pregnant, your body needs extra nutrients to feed both yourself and your little baby. Keep following your healthy eating habits: Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, carbs and meat. Have smaller meals throughout the day. Remember, you are eating for two. You can have cakes and sweets from time to time, just make sure you don’t have too many. Having too much sugar can upset your child.

Take it easy

Last but not least, make sure you always take it easy. Never exaggerate. Listen to what your body says and go with the flow. Taking it easy ensures a healthy pregnancy. Everyone is different; so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Be mindful.

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