Is it really important for your kid to have toddler table and chair set? Discover the truth!

Being a mommy is a blessing as well as requires a women to be active all the time. She should have capabilities like a superhero doing multitasks at a time. As your infant grows to a toddler her basic needs evolve table and chair is one kids’ basic needs. Because kids try to copy their elders and want to have the same things whatever her mommy have i.e mobile, table and chair, bags, etc. When toddlers try to reach out to sit on high chairs during eating there is a high risk they may hurt themselves. There must be an appropriate size for kids’ furniture that they can use easily.

Why a mommy should buy a Toddler table and chair set for her child?

There are many benefits including:

  • These are comfortable as kids sit, stand and move around easily.
  • Mommy does not need to bend to pick up kids’ stuff from the floor which saves her from backache.
  • While sitting on a chair, the back of the child is supported that improves posture.
  •  As feet remain straight and arms get support, kids feel safe and cozy to have their own space.
  • Toddler table and chair help in learning table manners at a very early age.
  • It is easy to sit and stand without the help of parents so children get independent.
  • The mother feels relaxed as she does not need to pull her child to sit on a high chair.
  • Children learn table setting and cleaning that builds a sense of responsibility.
  • Table and chair set provides gathering space and children interact with siblings and friends to start a healthy conversation during meal or playtime.
  • Kids learn from each other.
  • Toddler does not spread their book, stationery, and toys all over the room if the table comes with storage space.
  • When they set up the chairs and tables, this habit gradually encourages kids to participate in household activities.

What type of table and chair set suits a toddler?

Many types of sets are available as:

  • Activity sets come with toys or blocks with storage space in the table and sets of chair
  • Wooden sets you can match with the theme of kids room
  • Plastic sets you can use indoor and outdoor
  • Metallic set you which are usually foldable you can store

If you want to know what are the best-selling toddler table and chair set in each category you need to research the market thoroughly. Know your child’s behavior, her likes and dislikes before buying her any new toy, furniture, and books, etc.

Is there any disadvantage of having a toddler table and chair set?

Yes. Everything has its own pros and cons:

  • What I see one of the biggest possible cons of small size table chair is when kids use it while eating food. If parents do not deal with kids strictly to follow table manners, then kids spread the food all over the room or house as they can easily move in and out of the chair. It is not the case with high chair.
  • If the furniture is not sturdy kids drag it everywhere in the house which produces an unbearable noise as well as the house looks messy.
  • When kids run around tables and chair they might hurt their head, elbows, and knees especially if corners are sharp. See Infographic Buyer’s Guide for toddler tables and chair sets.

At what age you should buy kids’ furniture?

It depends on child growth and learning capability. I think from 18-month children can easily sit on chairs without any support.

Precautions while using kids’ furniture.

Whenever you buy kids furniture always consider child safety first. Furniture should be sturdy enough not to tilt forward or backward when kids use it. Corners must be smooth or rounded. The paint or material of the furniture should not be toxic.

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