Jumpstart Your Child’s Learning with the New App “Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids”

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and the first step to success lies in education. There has been extensive research done around early childhood development that proves its link to higher learning and intelligence. Children naturally absorb information better in their pre-k through kindergarten years, so the sooner your toddler starts learning, the better their chances are for success.

Preschool learning gives your child a head start in developing social skills, language skills, and STEM skills. Thankfully, technology has made preschool learning available to every child. If you own a smartphone or tablet, your toddler can easily start learning valuable skills (for free) with the help of downloadable apps and games. One such app that your child can use as a learning tool is called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids.

Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids Overview
As a parent, keeping your toddler engaged and mentally stimulated is important for not only their brain development but also for your peace of mind. Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids is packed with- what feels like- endless learning potential. There are over 696 interactive flashcards for your toddler to flip through, along with 150+ matching games. Because there are so many skill-developing options, your toddler can use this preschool game for weeks (or months) without getting bored. That’s a win-win for parent and child.

Sit down with your child and play the matching games with them. It is an incredible way to analyze their memory, attention, and imagination because you get to watch your child in action. They can learn 32 different categories of topics, which creates a complete learning experience- animals, furniture, gardening tools, flowers, and more. You name it, and Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids has a flashcard or matching game for it.

Once you and your child are done practicing those animal names together, have your toddler take a quiz to test what they learned! The Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids app actually has both practice features and test features to keep track of how well your toddler is retaining the information in the flashcards and matching games. Some preschool games have only a certain number of tests available, but this app has an unlimited number of tests.

Many preschool games have robotic narration or- worse- no narration at all. This app is fully-equipped with voice narration by Teacher Marina- a cute, kid-friendly animated character. The character keeps toddlers engaged and encourages them to keep going- two things that are essential for keeping any preschoolers interested in learning.
Just looking at the user interface, it seems simple enough for your toddler to navigate without any help, and the colors are bright yet not overwhelming. The best part about this app is that no WiFi is needed, and there are no ads for your toddler to be exposed to. This means no distractions, no harmful exposure, and no interruptions. Talk about a seamless learning experience.

Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids was released on June 15th, 2020. Sorry Android users, this app is only available for iPhones & iPads. iTunes users can download this game in the app store, and there is a promotional offer to snag the pro version for free! Promo Code: LOVE4KIDS, it will save 6.99$.

It only lasts for this June month only!

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