Kids Toys Review by Matthew Ryan

For those that have children ages 3-10, you know what it’s like to keep them entertained. To find the right game or toy for them to play with can be challenging, and usually requires you to actually sit down and play with them.

There’s always the option of letting them watch YouTube to keep them entertained, but finding something that’s kid-friendly and you don’t have to monitor isn’t easy.

But here’s a great YouTube channel geared towards Kids. They do Toy and Game reviews weekly (sometimes more), have lots of fun exploring, explaining, and playing these games. Staring 5-year-old Matthew Ryan – you never know what to expect, and neither does he. Sometimes jumping, screaming, and mainly laughing… see what it’s all about, and you might find that next great toy or game for your family!

Or worse case something to keep your child wanting to watch for entertainment. Either way, it’s a winner, and can be for you too.

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