Losing baby weight fast?

Question by : Losing baby weight fast?
Okay I’m still pregnant, 38 weeks, and I was just looking at some pictures of my pre pregnancy body , and was just wondering how you ladies lost your baby weight? I am planning to breastfeed, I will also pump breast milk, not going to use formula at all. Also I would like to know of a fast and easy way to lose weight off my legs, my legs were never skinny but they were smaller about a year before my pregnancy. Would also like to know how I can include my baby in exercises, apart from going for walks with the baby. As many answers as possible please :)
Also have read a few exercises on the internet but I would like opinions from real moms. This is my first baby.

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Answer by Margaret
I’m lucky, I really didn’t have to do anything. All I really did was breastfeed. A couple weeks after giving birth, I weighed myself and I weighed about 3 lbs less than I did before I gave birth.

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  1. I lost all mine from breastfeeding. You burn 500 to 800 calories a day from breastfeeding. I literally did not watch what I ate, did not exericse, and lost all my baby weight within a couple of weeks from just breastfeeding!

  2. Nursing works great for most moms. And of course walking is great. remember that you can’t really do much right away as your body needs to work on healing…so for the first 6 weeks take it easy & just walk. After that, you can do some mommy & me stuff with an exercise ball. If you don’t have one, get it now. They are nice to have for labor anyway. My 1st also didn’t really settle well with rocking or walking, but he loved to be bounced, so Dh & I sat on the exercise ball while holding him a LOT. We both laughed that our thighs were in the best shape of our lives with no thigh master. LOL Anyway – I looked up lots of online exercises & just made up kind of my own routine. I lost all the baby weight pretty much by 6 weeks & then continued to loose & honestly , I am in much better shape now (my kids are 5 1/2 yrs old 7 2 1/2 yr sold) than I was pre-baby & I used to go to the gym for an hour at least 5 days a week. I did baby & me stuff & then as they got bigger I would put the little ones in the wagon & run them around the yard & just play & be active. You’d be surprised how good of shape you can be in just by being active with your kids. I am petite & my 5 yr old is now a tad past 1/2 my size & I still pretty easily can pick him up…I even carry him to bed some nights if he falls asleep on the couch (up the stairs) without issue. I know people with kids smaller than my 2 yr old that refuse to pick their kids up anymore saying they are too heavy & these people are much bigger than I am. My kids don’t expect to be carried from point A to point B, but they also DO want to be played with & picked up & flipped over & all of that & if I can stay in shape WHILE we both have fun, then I see no reason not to. Of course use good caution to try to ensure you don’t injure yourself in the process, but otherwise, play IS the best way to get back in shape that I’ve ever found.

    Good luck with labor & the baby & hope nursing goes well for you! It’s a HUGE adventure stepping into motherhood! ENJOY it!

  3. Exclusively nursing melted my weight off QUICKLY. I gained 36 pounds and lost 26 of that within a month from doing nothing but nursing. I never watched what I ate because weeks after birth, I was stuffing my face with EVERYTHING. I guess producing milk just made me extremely hungry and THIRSTY! So drink lots of water!! I also never did anything physical but caring for my baby and some light walking from doing errands. The last 10 pounds were just lingering pounds and I’m still burning those off.

    My son’s almost 4mos. and weights nearly 17lbs! So he’s too heavy for me to hold for long periods of times and he hates his car seat when he’s awake.. so when I have to be out and about while he’s with me.. I use a carrier. I guess the extra weight while walking normally and simply doing errands, made me burn even more calories and am only 3lbs. shy of my prepregnancy weight! I’ll even stick him into a carrier around the house when he doesn’t wana be left alone.

    Also, a moby wrap is a good investment from birth to 35bs. and has some cool work outs to do while baby is in the carrier. There’s some light yoga moves and some leg strenghtening moves too! I already have chicken legs >.< so I don't know many workouts to make legs skinny but to tone them, you can do lunges, sitting against a wall with no support from your arms, squats.. etc. and you can do all of that with your baby in a carrier! I suppose you can use any other carrier to do those exercises.. I now started choosing "healthier" choices when I eat since I lost that appetite that I had when I just gave birth.. I still cave in and have a little junk food here and there.. in moderation, of course.. but really, nursing and my baby are the only "workouts" i do. And many nursing moms told me, they lost more weight after 6mos. because baby is drinking more hind milk (the fatty part), so your body is producing more for your baby and burning more calories.

  4. Breastfeeding will help a lot! Walking is great and using the baby as a weight is great too. When the baby is older and has neck control you can do a lot more baby exercises. I go to a Mommy & Me workout class. While pushing strollers we do squats and lunges.

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