Love Letters – Personalised Baby Grows

Love Letters sells personalised baby grows, and customised family gifts all over the UK – I want to tell you a little bit about how and why we started!

I’m at that time in my life now where people around me are starting to get engaged, buy their first homes or expand their families by welcoming little ones into the world. Its all so very exciting, especially for someone like me who gets so much joy out of giving gifts to people (honestly, it’s a bit of a problem really!)

I am a total sucker for meaningful and personalised gifts but I did not feel like what was currently on offer around the internet really ticked of my required boxes in terms of total customisation whilst staying affordable without compromising the quality of the goods.

I’ve always enjoyed an artistic outlet and I love digital design work (I already work with my Husband on his web design business) so made it my mission to research and create meaningful, well made and thoughtful gifts that can be personalised to suit and fit any occasion or recipient.

I have hand etched glass vases as engagements gifts, created beautiful framed artwork for new homes and handcrafted cards for birthdays, but what I found most enjoyable was designing and making customised clothing for babies and adults, with particular emphasis on personalised baby grows.


I love creating unique designs for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and halloween. I feel like this makes the day even more fun and personal to each family.

Since then I have tested countless materials to make the perfect personalised baby clothing that are comfortable, durable and stylish that I can now offer to families and friends all over the country.

So if you have a special occasion coming up that needs celebrating, a new addition to your family or you simply want to send a gift to a loved one, let them know you are thinking about them… with Love Letters.

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