Magnetykes an Award Winning Magnet Toy with Comic Book

It is well-known that children in an early school age have a natural curiosity about what surrounds them. They are interested in the nature, physical phenomena and the world of technology. The best ways to satisfy the natural curiosity of a child are experiments and research games.

Power of magnet.

We all remember from our childhood how exiting was to play with magnet and try to understand how the magnet work. Using the magnetic objects we can create more attractive work with children and awake curiosity in them. Magnets are probably our kids first contact with the world of science.

Magnetykes – new magnetic toy!

The magnetic field is interesting and fascinating regardless of age and scientific preferences. That is why children are very eager to choose toys with magnet. And not only they have great fun, but they also acquire knowledge from various fields. Magnetic toys make the experience even more fun and memorable. They have been popular for generations, because of the amazing things they let kids see and feel.

The Magnetykes are the robot-like figures that come to life through the power of magnetism. They have movable arms, legs and heads, and each has their own magnetic vehicle and background story told in comic book form.

magnetic toy Magnetykes

With Magnetykes, kids get an amazing hands-on experience they’ll want to repeat over and over.

The magnetic toys excite our kids, their invisible power fascinate them and keep them outside of the digital world we live in.

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