Modern methods of vein treatments

Varicose veins and spider veins appearing on the legs are a serious health problem that can not be ignored. Symptoms of this type may be indicative of progressive irregularities associated with blood circulation and are often a sign of a developing disease. The modern patient has at his disposal a number of methods that can help to overcome this problem permanently. What is worth knowing about them? Find out more about Vein Treatment!

1. Closing blood vessels with the laser

The method of closing blood vessels using the laser is considered one of the safest techniques to remove these types of skin defects. The treatment is associated with little pain and low risk of complications – usually the patient only gets a slight swelling and redness, which disappear after a maximum of a few days. The advantage is also a small amount of time needed for its performance – usually it does not last longer than a dozen or so minutes. This depends on the area on which the spiders veins appeared.

2. Sclerotherapy

This type of procedure is recommended for people with more visible vascular changes. In the place where the veins were damaged, healing medications are injected, which lead to fibrosis, and then to the death of dysfunctional vessels. Over a period of about one and a half hours of surgery, a dozen or so punctures are performed using a very fine needle, but the patient does not feel any more pain.

To maximize the effects, sclerotherapy is combined with compression therapy. After the treatment the patient is put on a pressure dressing – it can be a special self-supporting stocking or the right type of bandage. After removing it, the leg does not look its best – the skin turns into a bluish tint, swelling and pain may appear. The time required for convalescence depends on the size of the lesion being treated. If a large vessel was closed, it may take up to several months to absorb.

3. Echosclerotherapy

One of the newer methods of removing varicose veins is echosclerotherapy, during which using ultrasound scan, the medication in the form of foam is injected into the interior of damaged veins. This innovative alternative to surgical treatment allows to eliminate invisible large damaged vessels. Thanks to the vesicular form of the injected preparation, the doctor on the ultrasound monitor can accurately determine the place where the medicine should be applied. The treatment, which leads to the occlusion of the diseased vein and the disappearance of varicose veins, takes place in an outpatient setting, and the used tools are disposable.

4. Endovascular treatment

Therapy of this type also functions under the name of intravascular treatment. The procedure under local anesthesia is carried out using a laser – the energy beam emitted by it goes to a tense vein, which causes the walls to shrink and the damaged vessel grows together. The fiber is inserted into its interior via the venous tube, therefore the procedure leaves no significant traces, and dead veins are not visible even on the ultrasound. In this case, the therapy is also combined with compression therapy.


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