My RadRhino Rad Power e-bike – The perfect beach bike

Rad Power Bikes , you’ve heard that name before. I have been following this Dutch bike brand for some time ago and year after year they came out with even cooler products. For beach loving people, there is now finally the answer to the question about the coolest sand friendly bicycle in the e-bike field. This is my review of the RadRhino fat tire bike from Rad Power Bikes!

What a bike! What a response I get everywhere I ride. Everyone looks around and people react enthusiastically – often noting that it’s “electric”. There’s almost nothing else you can complain about, simply because this fat bike is just great. Available in two colours, of which Black is really the must-have for me.

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Why RadRhino?

Again, what a bike! Matte black, thick tires, cool design and what a power! Each part of the 2019 RadRhino has been specifically selected by the Rad Power Bikes team of experienced e-bike enthusiasts who know what e-bike users expect and how they intend to use their bike in practice. The end result is a combination of their favorite features for on-road and off-road e-bike riding. This all-terrain and all-weather e-bike is everything you could have hoped for from this fully equipped fat bike.

rax rover fat bike with kids

Is the 250Watt motor sufficient for a sandy beach?

The Bafang Hub Motor offers you a torque of 80 Nm to easily reach a top speed of 25 km/h. The RadRhino in the EU is limited to 25 k/m per hour. You can feel everything that this Rhino wants and can do harder. Conquer hills and make your way through loose terrain like never before including soft sandy beaches of Andalusia. Hit mountain bike trails, ride the beach comfortably or tear up the road. He can handle it all. Although they sell this bike in the US with a 750W more powerful motor, the 250W EU version can also handle most terrains here in Spain.

If you are going to use this bike on the Spanish coastline on sandy beaches, You will probably need to watch out with the salty water and sand and give it a good rinse after each ride. Just make sure you avoid the battery connection and controller bits as much as possible. Only spray those parts gently.


Quick specifications:

  • Rad Power Bikes by Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4″ tires with K-Shield puncture protection
  • Powerful 250W Bafang Hub Motor
  • 48 V 14 Ah (672 Wh) Samsung lithium-ion battery, suitable for 800 charging cycles
  • Total load capacity: 125 kg
  • Top speed 25 km/h
  • Range 40-72+ km
  • 5 level intelligent pedal assist
  • Full LCD display including speedometer, wattmeter and rangefinder
  • Built-in headlight
  • Suspension fork w/rebound adjustment and lockout, 80mm travel
  • 7-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain
  • 180mm Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight of the bike: 33 kg

The Suspension Fork

The Rad Power Bikes has an RST suspension fork with 80mm travel, preload setting and lockout. In combination with the fat tires, this ensures a smooth riding experience even under rough road conditions.

4″ Fat Tires With Kenda K-Shield Anti Puncture Coating

These are the most striking parts of the RadRhino! The tires! Made from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles in the tire below the tread, the Kenda K-Shield layer is a line of defense designed to provide extra protection against punctures from thorns, glass and other sharp materials. The reflective strip provides better visibility during night rides. This tire is a beat, it’s almost indestructible.

180mm mechanical disc brakes – the only lacking part

Front and rear 180mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes may not feel powerful enough at times to stop this large and heavy bike. I am planning on upgrading to a more premium break, most likely change the mechanical setup to a hydraulic break.

Excellent family bike, with 120kg+ load capacity

7-speed – is it enough?

The 7-speed, 11-34T freewheel gives you a wider ratio, allowing you to shift to lowest gear for those steep climbs or shift to highest gear and still pedal with ease. The 120kg+ load capacity also makes it a perfect cargo bike and to carry small children on the back seat.

The RadRhino – In summary

The RadRhino from Rad Power Bikes is one of the coolest fat bike in this price category at the moment. It feels like a mix between a motorcycle and a mountain bike. You can hear the fat tires making contact with the road surface, but experience no hindrance due to the large road surface. Choose which support you want; almost no to light effort. 

The battery will give you 40-60 kilometers. Depending on a headwind and the support you choose. The design, the color and the whole bike is so unique that it is wonderful to cycle again! 

The price: under €1200 euros! (as of 2020). That’s a bargain for the quality that and fun you get!

Visit RadRover’s EU site.

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