OK mommy’s… Is baby weight easier to lose?

Question by Truth Teller: OK mommy’s….Is baby weight easier to lose?

Alright, i am a first time soon to be mom of 39 years. I have never really had a weight issue, but I have gained 42 pounds with my son and I am 32 weeks along. The doctors are fine with my weight and havent fussed at all as I was very sick in the beginning and am now only gaining a few pounds a month. So, anyway……I presume a pound a week from here on out making me about 50 lbs needing to lose.
How much of this will I lose from baby, and fluids and etc.???
And the additional weight, everyone keeps telling me that baby weight is easier to lose than normal weight.
Is there any truth to this???? lol
And how long does it take with eating right and exercising to take it back off? I am going to breast feed too.

Help me out ladies…..am I in for a rude awakening? lol

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Answer by Memphis Kitten
With my first pregnancy I gained about 60 pounds. I was 185 when I went into the delivery room, and I didn’t weigh again until about a week after I had her, and I had lost 28 pounds in a week!! I was pleasantly surprized. It took me about 6 weeks to get down to 135 with no exercise but I was nursing. I never did get back down to 115 (what I weighed in high school), but w/ regular exercise and eating right I was able to maintain my weight between 125 and 130.

I’m 29 weeks now w/ #2 and hoping the weight will come off just as fast this time. Good luck to you!

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  1. Ah yes…your boobies will look like fried eggs hanging on nails and you’ll keep a small poochiness, and you wont be able to control your bladder very well.
    I had my first when I was 20 years old so my body bounced back to normal within months, with no exercise or anything and I gained 50 lbs with that pregnancy. My second on the other hand I had at age 26 and my body just went to poo! When you are young, your body heals fast, but the older you get the less likely your body is to go back to normal…sorry honey! It’s not going to be pretty, and it will never be the same again. Breastfeeding will help with your stomach going back down but it will be flabby unless you excercise. I wish you luck!

  2. honestly, a lot of that weight is extra water.
    I gained 35 pounds with my daughter, who at birth only weighed in at 7 pounds – the week after birth, I was within 4 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.
    I think a lot of it had to do with breast-feeding. Yes, you do burn more calories, but the recommended intake of water is also high – which oddly enough flushed out all the excess I was carrying. Don’t ask me how it works, I just know it did for me. Good luck and congratulations!

  3. I had a baby girl 7 month ago and lost 30 pounds since her birth. I gained about 45 pounds, so I have 25 still that will not come off. Don’t know how to get the rest off…..started daily walks, Walking my diet, etc……but it is easy to lose the inital baby 30 pounds, but the rest is hard…..SORRY!

  4. not for me i gained it. i gained over 50lbs but my sister, cuz and other family members lost more than what they wieghed

  5. when you breastfeed it makes the weight come off faster….i breastfed and i lost everything i gained plus some…in about a month….but it all depends on your body….some people lose it quick and others are still trying to lose it after like 3 years…but if you exercise and eat healthy along with breastfeeding then it should come off pretty quick!

  6. I gained 37 lbs and lost 20 a week after birth… my son was 8lbs 2oz….
    I’m now 10 weeks post partum and i have 7 lbs left to go and I can garantee you I have done NOTHING but enjoy my baby… I also breastfed for 4 weeks….
    It really depends on your prepreggo weight, BMI and body type… I’ve never had any problems losing weight and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and really didn’t gain anything… So it might have been easier for me…

  7. for some reason it seems to be easier to lose your weight faster with a boy than a girl, my friend and I were pregnant around the same time, she had a girl and I the boy I gained more that she did, but mostly in my stomach, she gained it everywhere, we went to the gym together and I lost all the weight and she has not I also gained 60 pounds while being pregnant.
    you will lose about 20 pounds after baby is born I believe some where around their from fluid weight from breast,which may not go if breast feeding, don’t forget the weight of baby too. If breast feeding you tend to loose weight faster because you burn cal. just after baby is born eat healthy, good to do if breast feeding anyway and get exercise as much as possible join a gym go for walks do exercise videos at home ect if delivering naturally about 2-3 weeks after baby born is good c-cessation I believe they say 6 weeks not sure you will be fine, just watch your diet and exercise do those dreaded crunches get moving, your have a year (if in Canada) to get back into shape before going back to work so replace work with a new hobby good luck and you will be fine, also it may depend on if you have had problems loosing weight before you got pregnant. if no than you will defiantly be fine, there are also a lot of classes out their for moms and their baby’s exercise classes and Yoga check local listings

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