Online Speech Therapy For Your Child

Until recently, remote speech therapy was a kind of taboo subject. Many specialists and parents refused to accept the concept of it. Online classes, although practiced by some professionals who operated in a kind of niche, were not much discussed.  At the same time, the thesis about the negative impact of digital devices on the development of children was popularized in the speech therapist community. Only a few people conducted online consultations and speech therapy classes. It was similar with other medical and educational services.

Recently, the approach to online speech therapy consultations has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the circumstances related to the closure of offices and specialist clinics, schools and kindergartens, remote speech therapy began to emerge from the shadows. Lack of possibilities to use the traditional form of therapy made the online consultations become the subject of recommendations. Today many of specialists believe that remote speech therapy consultations will become a permanent part of our reality.

Currently, we have the opportunity to use the benefits of advanced technology, modern applications and many useful multimedia programs for children. That means that not only is it possible to use remote speech therapy, but it can also be effective. Technology is the tool to conduct online therapy, although engaging the child and focusing his attention on exercises during remote activities can be a challenge. The effectiveness of remote therapy depends on the child’s involvement. Here we should also point out the involvement of the parents, as they are most aware of their child’s capabilities. With appropriate parental supervision, each therapy brings better results, also in the case of online classes.

Online speech therapy is very convenient. All you need is a laptop or a webcam connected to your computer and a child next to you. This is enough to start the class, no matter how far you live. The child’s comfort is very important in online communication with a speech therapist. Sometimes children gets a lot of stress at meetings, especially the first ones. At home with the parents, they feel safer, less stressed and contact with an online speech therapist become more comfortable.

Advantages of online speech therapy:

  • Flexible hours of classes;
  • Minimizing stress and anxiety – in the case of shy patients;
  • Time savings;
  • Opportunity to work with a patient living far or abroad;
  • Greater convenience of participation in therapy for patients with motor disabilities;
  • Using new multimedia programs – diversifying the therapy;
  • Illness does not exclude attendance at classes;
  • You don’t have to stop your therapy while on vacation.

If you notice that your child has pronunciation difficulties, see a specialist as soon as possible. The earlier therapy is started, the better its effects will be. Talk to your children, be with them, explain the world. The Internet and computer games stimulate visual, but not auditory perception. Nor will they build proper relationships, they will not learn to communicate with people. How our child will communicate with the world depends mainly on us.

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