Planning on Having a Baby? Check Your Type of Fertility

Do you have dry skin, pale lips or poor circulation? According to scientists, most of us belong to one type of fertility, although you can also be a combination of several of them. Fertility types apply to both women and men and will help you determine your chances of having a baby and plan your pregnancy.


People with this type of fertility have poor circulation and feel cold. They often feel weak and ran out of breath. They are prone to various pains and have difficulty concentrating. Tired types may complain about flatulence, and be sensitive to sugar. This group easily gains weight, especially when they are tired or stressed. Tired type often have low libido and preserve water in their bodies even though they often pass urine. Their reproductive efforts might be more successful when they increase their sex drive. Try to eat more warm soups and spices: cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cumin.


The dry type, as the name suggests, has dry skin, eyes, and hair. They are also characterized by a tendency to dehydration, they are often hot and easily blush. Dry-type usually has a thin figure. They may have a problem with constipation, they badly endure stress, have difficulty with resting, night sweats, and suffer from insomnia. These problems increase with age. Dry-type women often have poor response to stimulation treatments, which can further upset their body. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce stress, try yoga, and start planning the pregnancy earlier. Also, try to avoid alcohol, spicy foods and drink lots of liquids.


This type is stressed out, easily angered often complain of tension headaches or a sensitive stomach. They tend to have high blood pressure and tight muscles. Women suffer from painful periods, irregular cycles and clotted menstrual blood. They experience mood swings and sensitive breasts before menstruation, fibromas and endometriosis. They often have estrogen over progesterone. These symptoms are caused by hormonal changes combined with stress, alcohol and poor diet. A healthy lifestyle, body relaxation and checking hormone levels before attempting conception is recommended.


This type of fertility is characterized not only by pale skin but also pale lips and nails. Pale type people have problems with vision and hair loss. Women have poor periods. Pale people find it difficult to fall asleep and complain of tiredness. They feel insecure, have an accelerated pulse and dizziness. In addition, they have problems with muscle injuries. Many are malnourished vegetarians or people who avoid meat. The pale type often suffers from anemia and anxiety. Before you decide on a child, work on a diet, insomnia, give yourself energy and confidence.


This type characterizes people who have problems metabolizing fluids and easily gain weight. Women are prone to polycystic ovary syndrome and fungal infections. They complain about painful joints, aching legs, and headaches. They may have poor insulin metabolism, which leads to hormonal imbalances. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are very common as well as a weak immune system. They often suffer from sinus infections, congestion, allergies, and asthma. They often have trouble with acne, prone to tumors or swollen lymph nodes. Do hormonal tests, limit dairy, avoid alcohol, sweets, and greasy foods and keep your environment mold-free.

No matter what type of fertility you are, it is worth to seek for as much information and options as possible, especially if you are having difficulty to conceive.


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