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Question by inovermyhead: Breastfeeding mommies?
So i asked a ? earlier about my milk supply well i’ve decided im going to try a different pump the one i have just doesnt have much suction, the one i have now is the lansinoh electric double breast pump which i spent about 160.00 on.i need advice on what pump to buy- im a full time working mommy,so it will be used alot. Also if you could give an estimated price(thanks)
im thinking about a medela

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Medela pump n style i have heard great things about however is used an AMEDA elite but it’s extremely expensive but you can rent one froma hospital- i pumped for work using that for a year

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  1. NUGirl. Liam came 6 weeks early! May 1, 2012 at 11:32 am

    We bought a medela pump in style, it was about $ 250. But you should contact some Lactation Consultants in your area. I know at least one here in Chicago who will let you come and try out a variety of pumps to see which one works best for you before you buy.

    I have had a ton of trouble with my milk supply, despite pumping every 2-3 hours since his birth, thinking warm loving thoughts, massaging breasts, warm compresses etc. Eventually a lactation consultant diagnosed me with “insufficient glandular tissue” meaning I just dont have enough to make a full supply of milk no matter what I do.

    But I have found Mothers Milk Plus (capsules avail at Whole Foods) really helped me. I also went on a prescription for reglan (about $ 20 for 2 week supply) that has also helped increase my production. I used to only be able to pump one ounce, and now I can at least get two.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I would get the Medela Freestyle. It’s very small and completely hands-free, so you can do other things while you pump. It’s about $ 380 at Target and other places, but I got a brand new one on ebay for $ 270 and that included shipping. I loved it!

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