Reborn Dolls are here to stay

Reborn dolls are a relatively new phenomenon in the online world having really started to become popular over the last decade or so.

Early Days

The early to mid-nineties saw the first really professional looking reborns made by a community of home design enthusiasts.

Reborn Doll Therapy

The dolls are of course beautiful to look at and collect which is where a large proportion of buyers come from with reborn dolls UK being particularly popular however the therapy angle has proved the biggest talking point.

Many people have found comfort in owning a reborn doll after experiencing the loss of a child or perhaps having difficulty conceiving a child.

Some have chosen to have reborn dolls made in the likeness of a loved one. There have been countless tv shows over the years discussing the healthiness of this form of therapy.

Health professionals are quite divided on the issue as to how beneficial it is for those suffering loss. Many owners swear by the effectiveness however with such a complicated issue, it’s important to listen to all sides.

The national press in both the UK and the US has covered several stories with owners of hundreds of dolls as well as creators and therapists all offering their opinion on the merits of reborns.

eBay Cottage Industry

eBay is the place to find reborn dolls for sale and was where the purchase of these items really began to grow. It’s a real cottage industry with the parts of each doll available to buy separately in what’s known as a reborn doll kit.

In the early days, the options were quite basic with all the standard doll parts however artists have become much more creative as the years have gone by.

These days you can purchase all kinds of accessories such as dummies/pacifiers, all manner of outfits, milk bottles, nappies/diapers etc.

Some babies have the option of wet nappies as well as voice boxes. Each year brings some new innovative ideas in this industry.

Designing a Reborn

If designing a reborn is something you are interested in then it’s best to start with a basic kit. It can be quite steep learning curve however the online community is generous with their time and advice.

Take your time to read up on the best methods to get started plus watch plenty of youtube tutorials before getting your hands sticky.

The raw materials are generally not expensive however it, of course, depends on what overall quality you are looking for from the final product.


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