Scooter Review

As a mother of three children, I need to find ways to keep my kids active. My little girl has always been a fan of Little Nation toys because they learn in play. This is why I can assure the quality and easy use of the brand’s toys.

Little Nation’s 3 Wheel kids Scooters are so easy to use. The wheels glide smoothly through any surface while helping my kids practice their balance while moving often – the perfect exercise! They learn independence and you can do mom duties while they’re on the go!

scooter for kids

You don’t have to worry about safety as long as they’re given the proper gear (usually a helmet will do). The scooter’s three wheels help them adapt a scooting style that supports and balances at the same time. Little Nation 3 Wheel Scooters have a light frame but remain sturdy through tough conditions, making it easy to steer wherever you go. It makes the ride easier to brake as well. Our youngest boy uses it to keep up with us when walking through parks!

Since our girl was four years old, she’d run around her 3 Wheel Scooter trying to keep her balance and go fast. Now, she’s six and still runs by her pink scooter! The adjustable T-bar has grown with her through the years. It hasn’t worn out through time. In fact, we’re buying a new one just because she doesn’t like the colour.

Even in the dark, Little Nation 3 Wheel Scooters can be installed with LED lit wheels. They light up at night and are convenient so that cars and vehicles can see them! It’s foldable, so you can put them anywhere in the house after playtime. My kids put it away themselves, it’s that easy!

Make sure to keep an eye on them. The scooters can make you feel safe, but you’d be cleaning up the porch and turn around to see your baby girl falling off from running too fast!

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