See how you can let everyone know their Guest room at your Home has changed addresses

Moving chaos is overwhelming and real and letting everyone know we’ve moved is not as easy as everybody thinks it is. This article contains all the best and the most fun ways to announce you’ve moved and get everyone that matters in your life get involved. Every person wants to make sure that important friends and family members are familiar with the new move and have ways of reaching out to you. Consequently, announcing to your guests and everyone else you’ve moved is an important thing to do. 

Throw a party

It’s better to say goodbye with a party especially if you are getting out of town. The best way to tell everyone that you have moved is to send them a party invitation in your current address and move out in style. Select some family members and friends that you want in your party. Organize a packing party where every friend or family member grabs a box, some pizza and a beer. This will help you move out easily and at the same time get everyone involved. You can as well organize Housewarming party if you are not moving too far from the city. Select some few friends and family members and send them housewarming cards

Send Video announcements

It’s very easy today to talk to your family and friends in front of a camera and show them stacks of Boxes. You can as well update videos of your new place on Whatsapp, send the video on Instagram or Facebook. This way, I’m sure many people will see the video and get the message. Make sure all the people know about your new address. 

Send emails

You definitely have specific friends and family email addresses. In such a case, get some good moving announcement cards and share the information online with them. Just make sure the card contains all the information people want to know such as full names, the new address and when you’re moving. If you want to throw a party, also send the details about the party, location, time and the date. 


Are you stuck in the 60s and still wants your friends and family to know you are moving? Snail mail is an option. Get some cool moving announcement cards and print them out. Make sure they contain all the information necessary including the new address and the moving date. Some people opt for personal notes and artsy postcards. 

Contact your Friends and Family directly

Sometimes we don’t have to notify the whole world that we are moving. In such an instance, it would be easier to just contact the people you consider important including your parents and close friends directly via phone call or a message. This would work perfectly fine for people with a small circle of friends. 

Send Moving announcement cards

One of the easiest and the most direct methods of informing friends and family about this big action is through announcement cards. It may sound old but sending such cards is a good option. You can either choose to purchase moving announcement cards, download and send them to specific people or just send downloadable versions of moving announcement cards online. Just make sure the announcement cards contains all the information your guests needs to know such as the moving date, the new address and other details.

Send formal announcement cards

Although sending normal announcement cards would do the work, remember your boss may need to know the employees next address especially if you will require a commuter allowance. Your local authority and the postal office would also require the same information. In that regard, it’s important to send formal moving announcement cards. The card should contain all the necessary information and state the next cause of action such as change of postal address. 

Moving out especially out of the city is a big milestone. Leaving your longtime friends and neighbors can also be overwhelming. However, making sure they know your new address and someone can call in any time is mind soothing. So, get your friends and family involved and have the last beers, or Pizza in your old address. 

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