Smartest Baby Monitor Every Parent Must Own

Are you a new parent worrying about your baby’s wellness? Do you wish there is someone to always keep an extra eye on your baby? Knowing each and every parent’s concern, Amaryllo, the worldwide leader in advanced biometric cameras has designed its third generation baby monitor iBabi Smart tailored to parents’ needs.

The award-winning baby monitor combines machine learning algorithms and advanced smart technology to provide in-depth insight and actionable intelligence on baby’s development and well-being. Daily reports of the baby’s behaviors would be shown in the app so parents can keep track of their baby’s conditions throughout the day. Furthermore, there would be unlimited continuous video recordings for an entire year so moments will never be missed! Parents can review the sweet captured recordings over and over again, and to see their baby’s monthly milestones, from the first babbling to the first roll-over. It’s always exciting to see the tiny person getting a little bit bigger every single day! The unlimited video recordings definitely turn into a memory warehouse, a place for parents to savor all the sweet memories of their babies.

The thoughtfully designed baby monitor also offers a long list of features including patented 360° auto-tracking technology, 256-bit military end-to-end encryption, 1080p Full HD, remote video access, night vision, and two-way communication. iBabi Smart’s hack-proof technology provides the best protection on the market, so no one except you would be able to access the monitors. Last but not least, iBabi Smart aims to assist worrying parents with the peace of mind when leaving their baby in the crib, by keeping them in the loop with real-time baby crying and baby voice detection. Parents will be able to manage house chores without the concern of leaving their baby alone because helpful alerts would notify them when their baby is trying to communicate with them, either they are cooing, babbling, or crying.

Being first-time parents is hard. But taking care of your little one would be much easier if parents have a helpful assistant like iBabi Smart around. You will never miss a precious moment with your baby and know whenever your baby needs you.

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