Hey Folks! It’s time to add spark to your cozy “Fireplace”

What is the latest thing that you have added to your home to give it a fantastic look?

  • Curtains?
  • Carpets?
  • Wall painting?
  • Fireplace?

Wait! How can the fireplace be a part of home decor? You must be thinking about this. With electric fireplaces increasingly becoming a part of every modern home, everyone is looking to make them appealing as well.

Still, confused? If you go by various studies, the most exciting feature of the house is the fireplaces. For instance,

  • Electric fireplace fetches you a better return on investment as the house having this facility sells 99% of their list price.
  • Out of 15 popular home features, homes having a fireplace in them get the most views.

But how to align it with your home decor? But do you know where you need to place it for the maximum appeal? Keep reading, and you’ll know.

Place it above the couch – Before we move on to enhancing the aesthetic appeal, do you know what is an electric fireplace? Well! It is like an electric heater that does not require any wood or gas to function. They run by plugging into the wall and switching on the “flame only” setting.

So how can it increase the aesthetic appeal of your home by being above the couch? It works as a central point that creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for the people around it.

Place it in the lounge area – The next way is to mount it on the lounge area. Imagine the heart-to-heart talks with your dear ones? It will be a soothing feeling if there is an electric fireplace in hindsight! The glimmer of the flames makes the atmosphere very light. Or, if you are a bibliophile, you can think of reading a book sitting next to it.

But how to decorate the mantle around it?

Antique pieces – Are you a lover of collecting antique pieces? Then pile it up around the mantle and make it look more beautiful.

Dark and dramatic mantle – Imagine how a floral arrangement, candles, and dark walls instill a sense of comfort to you! You don’t have to go all black for the dark color. Just select a moody color that instigates an elegant feeling in your heart. The rest will be taken care of by beautiful candles and colorful flowers.

Symmetrical display – Do you know how appealing the symmetry appears to the eyes? To give an effective look to it, create a pleasing display. And then, on the other side, create a mirror image of it.

To sum it all up

Believe it or not, it is a masterpiece that can be installed in your home to give it a mind-blowing look. So why not spice it up with the tips given above! Who does not want to give an elegant look to their home? Therefore start implementing these ideas to improve the aesthetic appeal of your paradise.

After all, according to Le Corbusier – The home should be the treasure chest of living.

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