Spray vs Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning may not be the most pleasant thing to do, but it’s absolutely essential for house maintenance. Slacking off on this important chore or skipping it altogether may result in disastrous consequences for the building. What gutter cleaning method do you choose, though?

Spraying and vacuuming are the go-to choices of many homeowners. Let’s learn more about these gutter cleaning methods and discover how they compare with each other.

Cleaning Gutter by Spraying

This method is ideal for the wet debris stuck in your gutter. It involves the use of a telescopic wand or a pole attachment. By utilizing these devices at the end of a power washer or a garden hose, you can spray your gutter. As this drives the debris into the downpipe, your gutter becomes clean – in theory.

In practice, the debris may end up on the roof, especially if it’s not wet enough. It may also fall onto the ground, forcing you to spend additional time and energy picking it up. On top of that, the debris may easily turn into a clog, if the spraying is too aggressive.

Cleaning Gutter by Vacuuming

Vacuuming works well for those gutters that are filled with dry debris. This method calls for the use of a wet-dry or a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Once you reach the debris with a hose attachment or a wand, the vacuum cleaner will quickly suck it in. Vacuuming, however, has a few drawbacks.

Like spraying, vacuuming may push some of the debris on the roof. Vacuuming may also be ineffective if the debris is somewhat wet and doesn’t get inside a vacuum cleaner with ease. In addition, chances are high that you will have to stop from time to time to empty your vacuum cleaner.

Which Gutter Cleaning Method Can Serve You Better?

Weather patterns at your location are a huge determining factor when it comes to choosing between these gutter cleaning methods. If you live in an area with elevated humidity and frequent rains, spraying may be your best bet. Conversely, vacuuming works better for the areas with dry conditions.

Spraying is also a better fit for those who can do without rushing when cleaning gutter. That’s you, if you’re okay with spraying gradually and picking up whatever debris ends up on the ground. On the other hand, vacuuming suits those who don’t want to clean their gutter any longer than they have to.

Where does this leave us, though?

Spray vs Vacuum Gutter Cleaning: Go with Neither

Spraying and vacuuming alike can get the job done when you need to clean your gutter, especially if you hire it out with www.adelaideoutdoorcleaningsolutions.com.au

But neither of them is an ideal choice in the long run. There’s a better and longer-term solution out there.

Set up a gutter protection system, also known as a gutter shield. Its special design fends off major debris while still letting the water drip through. With its help, you can enjoy a fully operational gutter and keep it free of debris year-round.

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