Start your new year by saving money and the planet by Swoondling your Children’s Clothing!

Every parent knows that the beginning of each season means another review of their child’s wardrobe and shopping for new clothes. Kids grow up quickly, and we can see that very well on their clothes. Suddenly the sleeves, pants, and skirts are too short and too tight.

Children’s clothes from the stores are often quite pricey and their cyclical replacement can strongly damage the parent’s wallet. Fortunately, there is a way to save some money by getting second-hand clothes for our children. Trading kid’s clothes online are becoming more and more popular. The advantage of this innovative solution for recycling children’s clothes is that you can also trade your kid’s old clothes. Often parents are facing a problem what to do with the unnecessary items which are already too small.  They might give them to family members or friends who are expecting their own child. They can also donate the clothes to a charity to help those in need. Many parents have clothes that the child didn’t wear even once. So they trying to sell them.

One of the online clothing trading platforms we would like to mention here is The Swoondle Society.

This hassle-free marketplace allows parents to trade their children’s clothes. Not only does it make the decluttering and shopping for one’s children more satisfying but it is also eco-friendly and allows consumers to retain the value of their items.

recycling clothes

As a member of The Swoondle Society, once you send in your children’s clothing (for free!), the items are valued and you then receive Trading Credits to be used towards the clothes you want.

This online clothing trading platform alleviates the stresses of parents and caregivers, creates happiness and joy for the whole family dynamic all whilst supporting and protecting the Earth. Fewer textiles are ending up in landfills and the tactic of “reuse and recycle” is being encouraged and implemented. The Swoondle Society gives satisfying shopping experiences for children’s clothes while spending less, being environmentally conscious and doing it all from the comfort of your home.

kids clothes

Blouses, pants, jackets, and sweaters barely fit into wardrobes. Those too tight, those too short, and others – too pink. Wondering where to get money for new clothes and what to do with unnecessary, almost unused items?

You don’t have to constantly buy new clothes for your growing toddler. You can exchange it with other parents. It’s ecological, economical, fashionable and very easy. So start your new year by trying the trade market and keep your kid’s closets up-to-date while teaching the importance of sustainability by choosing trading over fast fashion.


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