Teaching kids about the importance of loyalty

There’s no denying that academic success is important. But in the midst of all the focus on grades and test scores, we sometimes forget about the importance of building virtues such as loyalty, respect, confidence, and fairness.

Loyalty is a virtue that can have a profound impact on our lives. It’s the quality of being faithful to someone or something, even when it’s difficult. When we’re loyal to our friends, family, and community, we’re more likely to stick by them through thick and thin. We’re also more likely to be trusted by others, which can lead to stronger relationships overall.

So how can we teach kids about the importance of loyalty?

One way is to tell them stories about people who have been loyal. Stories about people who have stuck by their friends or family through challenging times, even when it was difficult, can be very inspiring for kids. Another way is to talk about the importance of loyalty in our own lives. For example, we can tell them about a time when we were loyal to someone or something, even when it wasn’t easy. Finally, we can encourage kids to be honest and devoted show up exemplary in their own lives. This means being somebody who always stands up for what is right and good, and who is there for their friends and family no matter what.

There’s a great book about the topic of building virtues authored by Bellforest August called How to Talk to Your Kids About Loyalty’ recommended to age groups from 4 to 12. It contains 4 stories selected from different countries that focuses the subject of loyalty and the importance of keeping promises. This book can help you form valuable conversations with your children.

One great way to help build your child’s moral compass is to talk about the importance of loyalty. Explain what loyalty means and give examples of when it would be important to be loyal. Talk about how loyalty is important in relationships, work, and school.

Activities to teach loyalty

For example, you can encourage your child to always be honest and never betray a friend’s trust. Help your child understand that being loyal means standing up for what you believe in, even when it’s difficult. Let them know that it’s OK to be different than others and to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means taking a stand against the majority.

The book is meant to be read aloud with the classroom, family, or any reading time together with kids. Every family has their own unique reading tradition. Maybe every night, you and your children snuggle up with a couple of books. Or perhaps your family enjoys reading aloud together on the weekends. Whatever your reading routine looks like, there are countless benefits to spending time with books as a family. You will find tremendous value in discussing the stories you read together.

Reading together also helps to foster imagination and creativity, and it can even be used as a way to bond with your children. Another benefit is that it reduces the time you and your children spend on screens, smart devices and TV – often wasted amounts of time that could be used instead for having more meaningful activities and conversations in the family.


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