The Interactive Educational Device – Career Discovery – Space

The decision of choosing a college affects young people’s future and is one of the most important decisions in life. It is not an easy task, especially at a very young age when high school students often do not know exactly, what job they want to do in the future. Some of them follow their childhood dreams, they have their own ideas. But the majority of young people are not sure at this point how they would see themselves in a few year’s time and which college to choose. Very often the choice depends on the friend’s opinion or the reputation of the institution. As a result, they end up studying what they do not really like.

Before choosing a career path, the most important thing is good recognition. Nobody wants to spend their lives doing something they do not enjoy. Each field of study opens new possibilities. Students should be able to choose one that is compatible with their predispositions and interests. This increases the guarantee of future success. Instead, they are asked to choose what they will do for the rest of their lives without exposure to all of the fascinating and available careers. The majority of students are confused about making the decision on the right career path early in their lives.

In this article, we would like to present Career Discovery, a future interactive educational device that will help students proactively manage their career choice.

Career Discovery will alleviate the confusion and uncertainty of choosing a career path for students. It will help create awareness regarding careers in growing industries, starting with the Space field.

With the Career Discovery, interactive AR-enabled 3D-printed Collectible Space Figurine, students will learn about an industry from real people working in that industry today. They will learn from working professionals what the job involves and the educational and real work experience it took for them to get to where they are today.

Career Discover will provide interactive quizzes and challenges for the students based around the Space industry. This will not only be a fun learning experience inside the industry, it will also help students be noticed by those working in the industry as many of these challenges will be provided through the Space figurine by professionals, corporates, institutions, and entrepreneurs working in the field. Using Career Discovery will help reduce uncertainty and increase the opportunity to explore in-demand career fields. As a result, young people will feel more confident to make up their mind who they want to be.

When it comes to deciding on an issue as important as the choice of college and career field, it is good to be properly prepared – to obtain the widest possible data from various sources and draw conclusions.

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