Things Parents Need To Understand About IQ Test For Children

The IQ test for children was first developed in the early 1900s. The purpose of developing an IQ test was to evaluate the intelligence of a child based on multiple questions. After a series of tests and multiple case studies, it was determined that the children with learning disabilities had slightly low IQ score as compared to the children who had good learning skills.

IQ Test For Children

Usually, the parents who are interested in IQ test for children either believe their child is gifted, or they are concerned about the learning disabilities of their child. However in any case the parents need to understand that the IQ score is never permanent. Keep evaluating your child’s IQ through authentic platforms and follow the instructions very carefully.

If your child secures a high score, congratulations but if not, please do not underestimate the intelligence of your child. Instead, take it as a challenge and help your child. Frequently test your child’s IQ and see if it is improving. If not, consult a child psychometrician and get help. Please understand, every child is unique, and some children take more time and support for developing their intelligence.

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Variance in IQ Score

The results of an IQ test can vary depending on various factors such as environment, age, previous experiences and child nature. Some children are more comfortable when their parents are around, and they perform better. While some children are good with graphical multiple choice questions rather than textual questions. Similarly, if a child has appeared in IQ test multiple times, he might be more knowledgeable and comfortable with the procedure. Apart from that, the grading system varies from testing platform to platform.

What Does A High IQ Score Represent?

The IQ score above 110 is considered higher than average. It means that your child is more intelligent than most of the children of his age. While an IQ score above 131 means that your child might be special and gifted with intelligence.

High IQ score represents that the child has excellent analytical and learning skills. It predicts that the child will perform well in the academic and professional career in the future. However, IQ tests are not perfect and they cannot be considered permanent.

If your child has high IQ, learn about his interests and disciplines where he can perform better. Help him in amplifying his skills. Learn about the areas where your child did not perform very well and support him in those areas. Appreciate him for his efforts and motivate him to work harder.

What If A Child Scores Low IQ?

If a child secures low IQ, it does not mean that the child is not going to succeed in the future. If your child secures a low IQ score, you should see it as an opportunity to explore the deficiencies in your child’s learning and work on them.

Appreciate your child for his efforts and motivate him no matter what. IQ scores are not permanent, they can change with the passage of time. Help your child in learning about his mistakes and appreciate him for his every little effort. After all, we have many examples in the past where child intelligence was underestimated.

History is full of scholars, scientists, inventors and mathematicians who changed the World. Do you know many of these great men had learning disabilities and multiple psychological disorders? If these men were tested in their childhood, they would have secured a low IQ score. So it is evident that a low IQ does not mean that the child will not develop high IQ score in the future.

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Psychology says that children who have learning disabilities at a very young age have high chances of turning out to be future geniuses. Do you know Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin all had one thing in common, they had learning disabilities at a young age? If all of them were diagnosed today, they would have had dyslexia.

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