Toy Train Storage Ideas – Our Carry Case Solution for Wooden Brio/Thomas/Bigjigs

As you can imagine, we have accumulated a fair number of both wooden toy trains/wagons and also Thomas Take ‘n Play figures. We originally kept everything in Ikea Cube based storage, but quickly noticed that a) the trains rubbing against each other caused paint chips b) it’s a nightmare to find anything and c) the cubes were too unwieldy for our 2-year-old to handle/carry/tidy away.

How to store your kid’s toy trains

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It’s rare to hit the jackpot with our first attempt at solving the problem but we feel we did with the Kurtzy 3 Tier Clear Transparent Plastic Stackable Storage Box.

Toy train storage ideas for parents and kids
Toy train storage ideas for parents and kids

Amazon showed it with an assortment of lego/rubber bands/dice etc, but one of the customer reviews mentioned it was the ideal size for wooden trains! Bingo!

The clips on the side allow for purchasing additional trays and creating a stackable tower of train storage but personally, we have bought multiple units but kept them at 3 tiers tall. Any more and we found that our 2yo struggled to pick up and carry the case comfortably. These new battery trains are a fair bit heavier as are the diecast Thomas toys.

If we were to criticize the case in any way, it would be the latching mechanism on the sides, each tier needs to be sat perfectly flush for the latches to engage but this is picky and realistically only a problem for a toddler. Unclipping the latches to get to the toys is easily done by small hands and that was key for us.

We’ve found that loading and unloading the trains is an activity in itself, with the possibility of sorting tiers by colors/types/characters/favorites. We regularly end up with a tray of red trains/green trains/wagons etc.

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