Toys can help with your kid’s developmental process!

Make toys the tool for development!

Every home has toys, no matter how rich or poor the family is. But, can toys be more than just a source of entertainment. We are going to answer that question in the article and the simple answer is ‘Yes’. But, parents have to do some homework of their in order to find good toys.

In fact, every toy is a good toy, but you have to look for in what ways can it help my child. For example, some toys are meant for pure pleasure and happiness, and that is great virtue on its own. As a parent you must make sure that your kid grows up being happy and understanding how he/she should keep him/herself happy.

But, this is one aspect of life, the other aspects are learning and development. Since, past few years the toy companies have realize the true potential of toys, hence, you’ll find many educational and STEM toys in the market.

As a parent you should be aware of a few things. First thing you should be aware of is, your child’s strength. The other thing you should be aware of is, your child’s weaknesses. Then, you must plan his nurturing, accordingly.

You must buy toys that will polish the strength of your child even more. For example, if your child is good creativity and can think of various stories, then you should buy him/her a toy that will allow him/her to improve that skill.

Story Cube

It is a set of cubes with pictures of different things on each side of the cube. One side might have a picture of bicycle, and the other side might have a picture of a fan. You’ll get 9 such cubes.

You have to roll all of the them at the same time and then you have to make a story that will revolve around the objects and things that showed up. Since, with each roll you will get a really different combination, there will be no end to your child’s creativity.

Similarly, you also have to focus on your child’s weaknesses in order to improve them by active measures. Let us say, your child is not a very social person, he/she is laconic and finds hard to express himself. Or, your kid is just afraid of speaking i public – won’t be the first person. To tackle that problem we also have some toys.

Magic set

There are several magic sets available for kids, that can teach your some awesome magic tricks in very less time. Everything that you would need for the performance would be available in the kit, including the instructional guide and the DVD.

Kids love magic, which will give a natural inclination towards it. But, when he/she would perform for a small audience, a sense of confidence will develop in your little one, to face an audience and to become more expressive.

There are several such toys available in the market, and you have to be a little creative in order to know what will suit your kid the best.

Same trick for every aspect of his/her life

I hope, till now you have understood the gist of it, and now all you have to do is apply this technique in all the aspects of your child’s life for an overall all development.

For example, you have make a list of all the qualities you want in your kid, and then search for a toys you think would help in fulfilling that goal. I know, it looks tedious, but it will be really helpful in long run.

Still doesn’t know where to start?

If you are having problem in finding the starting position, you can also start with building toys. They not only help to improve the building skills in your kid, but they can also make your kid more innovative, they help in instilling problem solving mindset in your kid, they improve the motor skills, and hence, they make great educational and developmental toys.


Lego was probably the first company, which realize the true potential of toys, the makers saw them more than a tool for entertainment. For them, it was an entertainment ways to teach your kid something.

Although, now days, many other companies are also produce some great and sophisticated building toys. If your kid is too young, then you should better go with LEGO, they have a wide variety of toy, and they are simple enough.

But, if you think that your kid is ready for more complex toys, then you can check out the Knex building toys as well.

Unlike, most of the building toys that are available in the market, they make toys that are not static. Knex toys, after they are complete, have the ability to move standing at one place. or they can move around the house.

Since, adding movement to the toys also add complexities, it becomes a really great tool to exercise your kids brain.

The Last thought

I can go on and on about each kind of toy, but it will takes ages for me to do that. Plus, using your own brain will help your develop as well. But, I will surely mention a few important types of toys that every kid should have in his arsenal.

Apart from building toys, you can go for logic toys, such as, a puzzle, or a Rubik’s cube. Logic toys really force your kid to exercise his brains and come up with answers. And, going beyond your natural limits is the only way to develop, no matter who you are and what you do.

Similarly, you can go for problem solving toys, STEM toys, motor skills toys, creativity toys, etc.

One thing you should make sure is that the toys should be fun, because if it is not fun, your kid would play with it, with all the passion. Kids are not rational like us, he/she would never understand how helpful a particular toy can be. So, you have to accommodate for your kids vices.


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