Treatment for Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a neurodevelopmental mental disorder that causes attention deficits, hyperactivity, or impulsivity. The first symptoms of ADHD can be noticed quite early – usually before a child is 5 years old. In a child with ADHD, there are difficulties in focusing attention, lack of attention to detail, distraction, frequent forgetting about something and lack of proper organization. The child does not seem to be listening to what is being said. He is often distracted and therefore makes mistakes. He cannot concentrate on completing tasks and puts them off until the last minute. The child often loses items and is unable to remember where he left them. He also avoids activities that require commitment and concentration. A child with ADHD is impatient, tries to focus others’ attention on himself, and often takes risky actions. Expresses emotions and thoughts without thinking, not taking into account the possible consequences. During group tasks and games, he does not know how to patiently wait for his turn, he often disturbs others. A child with ADHD is in constant, but usually pointless, movement. Even in situations where it should stay in one place, it quickly starts to fidget or play. He often behaves inappropriately, he is unable to refrain from speaking, he is noisy when playing, and it is difficult for him to rest in peace and quiet. Has problems with continuing tasks that have been started and crashes.

Most children outgrow ADHD. However, without appropriate therapy, irreversible changes in their psyche and behavior can occur. If parents notice in their child any of the above behaviors, they should see ADHD doctors. Proper diagnosis requires the cooperation of several specialists – primarily a psychologist, psychiatrist and pediatrician, and sometimes also a child neurologist. An important element of the procedure is an in-depth interview with the parents regarding the child’s functioning at home, school and among peers. As part of diagnostics, tests are also performed aimed at the intellectual assessment of the child, the ability to remember, concentrate and associate, as well as motor skills and coordination.

Behavioral disorders resulting from ADHD are one of the most frequent reasons for children and adolescents visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist. Symptoms that may indicate the onset of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder shouldn’t be ignored – if left untreated, it may slow down a child’s development and cause numerous emotional and personal problems in adulthood.


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