Weighted Blankets Help Children Relief the Stress

Weighted blanket – comprehensive help for your child

If your child is struggling with sensory integration disorders or any other psychophysical problems, you certainly know how much impact this can have on his normal functioning. Sometimes it makes your child’s social life very difficult or in some cases even impossible. Although parents are using alternative therapy that might help alleviate various pains, stress and disease symptoms that occur every day, it is also worth trying the sensory blanket which is a great complement to the therapy. Weighted blanket is extremely helpful when it comes to syndromes of illness and disease. They are reducing nervous conditions and calming down the child. What are the symptoms and what are weighted blankets?

Sensory integration disorders

Sensory integration is the body’s ability to properly receive and respond to sensory stimuli. It is reacting in some way to the outside world using smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch. The right sensory integration means that the interpretation of reality is correct and the child’s body responds adequately to changes in the environment. It is different in the case of sensory integration disorders.

The most common symptoms of sensory integration disorders are problems with body positioning, problems with concentration, excessive physical activity, or vice versa, i.e. apathy and constant boredom. Children often isolate themselves from others, they feel embarrassed. It can cause, among others anxiety, insomnia or even depression. Sensory integration disorders cannot be underestimated, and the child’s mental comfort should be a priority during therapy.

The therapy itself usually consists selection of games and exercises that force the child to focus and teach the body proper reactions. Unfortunately, such treatments are not always effective, which frustrates not only parents but also the children themselves. To help the treatment, it is worth reaching for a sensory blanket, also called a weighted blanket for kids. It is an excellent complement to the treatment and can alleviate many symptoms.

Hazli weighted blanket

Weighted blanket and sensory therapy

The sensory blanket is made of the highest quality breathable cotton. It’s filled with hypoallergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber that ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for perfect weight distribution. Because of its weight and little pressure, it gives the impression of a gentle massage. The optimal level of weight creates a feeling of security and relaxation. These therapeutic blanket will calm your child and help him to sleep better.

Kids feel more safe and comfortable when they are covered with a weighted blanket. It allows them to fall asleep easily and also improves their mood during the day. Weighted blanket can be used during the night as well as for day time naps. It is perfect for cold days while watching the movie, reading or resting on the sofa.

The blanket itself should be adapted to the weight and height of your child. Too big or too small a sensory blanket will simply not fulfill its role. The Hazli Calming Weighted Blankets have different sizes and weights matching the child. They also come with a premium quality blanket cover in different colors made of soft Minky fabric.

Impressions from using a weighted blanket

More and more parents are convinced to use weighted blankets as their children’s well-being improves very much. The blanket’s pressure increase producing serotonin, the hormone of happiness which improves our mood every day. The other hormone, melatonin, which is released due to therapeutic oppression, is responsible for healthy and regenerating sleep. Weighted blankets are helpful in the fight against insomnia.

Although a sensory blanket can never replace a comprehensive therapy, it’s really worth considering buying it. It is simply a great complement to the treatment. Each blanket can be adapted to the child’s requirements in terms of color or size. Your toddler will fall in love with this calming blanket from the first touch. The gentle pressure gives the impression of a hug and creates an aura of comfort and safety. Cover your child with a weighted blanket, give him calmness and relaxation in a completely non-invasive way.

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