What are Swim Nappies and Why Are They Important to Use?

Baby swim nappies are a revolutionary invention that allows parents to take their children to the pool, swim classes, or the sea with a clear conscience, without worrying about their child having an accident in the water. The proper design keeps the diaper’s contents inside, and parents can enjoy the time spent together in the pool with their children.

Swim diapers are an extremely practical solution that works great in many situations. If your child is not potty trained yet but you want him to get familiar with water from an early age, swim nappies (more information in this guide) are the answer. Your child can enjoy the public pool, jacuzzi, hotel pool during a trip, a dip in the lake or sea without any inconvenience and embarrassment of having an accident in the water.

Disposable or reusable swim nappies?

A disposable swim nappy can only be used once just as a regular disposable nappy can. It soaks in water, becomes heavy and makes the movements more difficult for the child. The water-soaked diaper can also irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Disposable diaper is usually required with a neoprene swim nappy over the top. Disposables are cheap to buy but in the long term, you will end up spending more on these than on a reusable swim nappy. They are readily available in all supermarkets which makes them easy to find, they come in different sizes and are usually a good fit for most children.

Reusable diapers provide safety against both water soiling and the baby’s purity. Waterproof diapers tightly protect the baby’s bottom against bacteria, which significantly reduces the possibility of a toddler’s urinary tract infection. It works in exactly the same way as a disposable but can be washed and reused. Some reusable nappies look like swimming trunks and will need a neoprene over the top to ensure that any leaks are safely contained. Reusables will cost you a little bit more to purchase upfront but once you have one it is going to last. Not only is this kind to your wallet, it is also good for the environment. Reusable nappies appeal to parents who like buying eco-friendly baby products. If you take your baby swimming a lot, they’re more economical. A thorough wash and they’re ready to go again.

Your swim nappy decision will usually come down to personal taste but to help you to choose from a huge variety available on the market, here are some more facts about disposables and reusables. Remember that having the right swim nappy for your little one can make swimming with your baby much more relaxing for you.

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