What To Do With The Old Children’s Clothes?

Children grow out of their clothes very quickly. Sometimes hardly used, they become too small and unnecessary. Most of the parents wonder what to do with their baby’s undamaged clothes? Often it is difficult for parents to give them away as they have an emotional value for them, so they just keep them in the box or deep in the closet as a cute souvenirs. However, the child is growing and there are more and more clothes to store. That’s the point when the parents need to decide what to do.

Give clothes to family and friends

Often, family members or friends are expecting their own child. You can always give them clothes that your toddler no longer wears. It’s a great way to share your love with them and show that you think about them.

Donate clothes to a charity

This is a great idea for parents who don’t have pregnant people in their environment and they want to help those in need.

Sell ​​old baby clothes that are in good condition

Many parents have clothes that the child put on only once or twice. Because newborns receive a lot of clothes as a gift, it may happen that they grow out of them before they can put them on even once. In this case, you can always sell them.

Trade kid’s clothes online

This is an innovative solution for recycling children’s clothes. The Swoondle Society is an easy, hassle-free marketplace for parents to trade their children’s clothes. Not only does it make the decluttering and shopping for one’s children more satisfying but it is also eco-friendly and allows consumers to retain the value of their items.

baby girl clothes

As a member of The Swoondle Society, once you send in your children’s clothing (for free!), the items are valued and you then receive Trading Credits to be used towards the clothes you want.

This online clothing trading platform alleviates the stresses of parents and caregivers, creates happiness and joy for the whole family dynamic all whilst supporting and protecting the Earth. Fewer textiles are ending up in landfills and the tactic of “reuse and recycle” is being encouraged and implemented. The Swoondle Society gives satisfying shopping experiences for children’s clothes while spending less, being environmentally conscious and doing it all from the comfort of your home.

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In summary, each of these options can be an inspiration to find a new use for old baby clothes. Giving them to your friend, family or someone in need is a wonderful gesture. You can also make some money by selling those in excellent condition. The trade market is an easy way to keep your kid’s closets up-to-date while teaching the importance of sustainability by choosing trading over fast fashion.

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