When should we see an eye specialist?

One of the most important senses is eyesight. Therefore, we must take care of the health of our eyes. When to go to an ophthalmologist? Of course, when the sharpness of our vision narrows. Eye diseases are usually easy to cure, but they must be detected in the early stages of development.

1. Visit an ophthalmologist

A specialist should be visited primarily when we observe squinting while watching TV or reading a book. Continuous blinking and inflammation of the eyelids can be disturbing. Due to the fact that some diseases are genetic, we should use periodic eye examinations. 

Unfortunately, many patients go to the eye doctors when the disease is already advanced.

2. Eye examination

Standard eye examination is not time consuming. However, according to the results, the ophthalmologist may order other analyzes. After various treatments, your doctor decides if your eyesight needs to be corrected.

3. Lenses and glasses

Remember to never buy glasses on your own. This type of object can further worsen your eyesight. Lenses should be selected with the physician. Keep in mind that they must be slightly weaker. In this way, we will force the eye to work.

4. Eye surgery

Eye surgery is a treatment that is gaining popularity every year. For some people, laser vision correction is a solution that allows them to practice their profession. For others it is a way to improve their quality of life. Another common reason for eye surgery is growing intolerance of contact lenses. Before we decide on the procedure, it is necessary to talk to a doctor and thoroughly analyze the results of the tests. Although laser vision correction is a safe ophthalmic operation, complications can occur both during the surgery itself (complications affect about 1 percent of patients) and during rehabilitation. Especially if patients do not follow the doctor’s instructions. Anyone who positively passes all qualifying tests can undergo the procedure. In fact, the only limitation is age – laser correction is performed on “shaped” vision defects that will not change drastically in a short time. Therefore, go to an ophthalmology center at the earliest after reaching the age of 18.

5. How to choose the right eye clinic?

You should do your research and find a clinic which has a great reputation with years of experience. A good ophthalmology center is not only modern equipment, but also a trusted team and experienced specialists.

Remember, only the most highly-trained medical specialists should care for your eyes!

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