Your Guide To Finding The Right Dining Table for Family Dinners

Picking out a dining table is a choice that demands a surprising amount of attention. How big does your table need to be? Is it going into a dedicated dining room or an open plan space? How much room does the table need around it? A dining table is probably going to serve as the key centerpiece of an important room in your home. It’s no wonder that quality dining tables can be expensive. In order to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with your choice, the Wooden Furniture Store has assembled this guide to help you pick the perfect dining table.

What Size Dining Table Do I Need?

To determine the ideal size for your dining room, you need to start by considering the size of the room it’s going into and the number of people you want to seat. These numbers should help you develop a rough idea: A three-foot square table will comfortably seat four people. Six people call for a larger table – something about three feet by five feet. For eight people, you’ll need a table roughly three feet by six and a half feet – check some out at this wood table top store.

One great way to test out table sizes in your dining space is by making yourself a template. Cut and paste together newspaper sheets to the size of the table you’re considering and lay it out on your dining room floor. Bear in mind that you need two to three feet of clearance to account for seated diners. Expand this margin a little more if you want people to be able to walk past the table while others are seated at it – this takes about 40 inches (3’4″).

Laying out a template also allows you to test your table setting. Is there enough space for everyone’s plates? Is there enough additional space in the middle for serving dishes?

Choosing The Right Shape

This early stage is also the right time to consider the shape of your dining table. Most people match the shape of the table to the shape of the room: rectangular or oval tables for rectangular rooms and square or round tables for square rooms. Rectangular tables can work in smaller rooms by being pushed up against a wall when they’re not in use.

In terms of sales, we’ve found that rectangular tables are by far the most popular. They fit the widest possible variety of rooms, seat plenty of guests, and generally look stylish. Our Mobel Oak range includes an excellent table designed to seat four to six diners, and it has a clean look that suits most dining room decor choices. This table includes a wide range of choices for its matching upholstered dining chairs, allowing you to customize the set to your personal taste. We particularly like the cream linen option.

What About Extending Tables?

If you can’t see the need for a larger table in your day to day life but want the ability to seat more guests on special occasions, you should give some thought to buying a dining table that can be extended with a leaf. Extendable dining tables are excellent compromise pieces that allow you to get the benefits of both big and small tables. Some extendable tables are designed to expand by as much as three times when you put their leaves in. Our Olten Oak extending table, for example, has a cleverly-designed all-in-one leaf system that frees you from the need to store removable leaves separately. Simply open the table and the leaves pop into place and lock in position. The Olten Oak table also has a convenient side storage drawer.

Maximum Versatility

In our expert opinion, the round dining table is the cream of the crop when it comes to versatility. Equally at home in square or rectangular rooms, the round table uses space efficiently and creates an intimate dining experience. The lack of corners actually allows you to seat more guests in a smaller total footprint. Our Chadwick Grey round table is mounted to a pedestal base that delivers ample leg room for all of your guests. The gray color is an excellent match for any decor, and the oak veneer top is thoroughly lacquered to keep spills from staining the wood.

Multiple-Use Tables

A square dining table can be flexible in its own way, and this is often the shape of choice for use in smaller homes and multi-purpose spaces. A square table can always be pushed into a wall or even a corner to save space. The square table is the perfect choice for households of two to four people. A square dining table doesn’t necessarily need to sit in a square room to look good; you can position a square table within a larger room and create a nicely-proportioned “room within a room.” To enhance the sense of a dedicated space, try pairing the dining table with a complementary rug. Our Shiro Walnut 4-seat table is an excellent example of a modest, versatile square table. It comes with curved dining chairs in gray linen upholstery to create a pleasing variety of shapes.

The Benefits Of A Smart Choice

Your dining table is more than the surface you serve meals on. If you exercise some care in your choice of table, you can give an entire room a dramatic focal point. Shape, style, color, and material should all be considered carefully to harmonize with your other decorative choices.

Building a beautiful dining room is all about consistent style and strong themes. After you’ve found the perfect dining table, complement it with other pieces like consoles, sideboards, display cabinets, or wine racks. Explore our full range of dining options here.

Remember to explore widely in your search for dining perfection! Need more inspiration? Just take a look at Pinterest to gain a wider appreciation of all the available options.



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