What Is An All-terrain Stroller & When Should You Choose All-terrain Over Jogger Stroller? 

An all-terrain stroller is a three-wheeled regular stroller built to comfort your little baby on any surface. This kind of stroller is generally heavy, weighs between 22 to 30 pounds and is bulky too. These strollers are best for those who want a robust everyday stroller for the beach, grass field, or uneven dirt. 

With an all-terrain stroller, you can carry your baby in the countryside, for hiking or trailing or you can take it to off roads.

What makes an all terrain stroller “All-Terrain”?

  • Large and Thick Tires: Air-filled and large all-terrain tires are used. Rear tires are larger for a smooth ride over terrains. Moreover, the wheels on all-terrain strollers are lockable and swivel. For rolling over rough terrain, the front wheelcan be locked.    
  • Comfortable Seat: An All-terrain stroller should have a padded and reclining seat. Rough turfs may impact the baby’s head and spine. Moreover, the sling-style seat helps to keep the baby from hitting the back.   
  • Padded Harness: Best all-terrain strollers come with a five-point, padded harness system with fastening options from both shoulders, hips, and between the legs to offer safety and security, which is of paramount importance while taking the baby out for a hike. 
  • Extendable Canopy: These adventure strollers are built to handle rough terrain with ease, so you will be tempted to take your baby to different surfaces like beaches or grass fields. The extendable canopy of an all-terrain stroller protects your baby from the sun’s harmful rays, and when required, your baby can take a nap comfortably. 
  • Car Seat Compatibility: Some of the all-terrain strollers are car seat compatible, so you can attach the car seat to carry the newborn have to buy a car seat adapter. You may need to buy a car seat adapter to attach the car seat. However, all-terrain strollers are not built to carry a newborn. 
  • Add-on Features: Most all-terrains have features the same as regular strollers. These strollers may include a child tray, organizers, parent console, cup holder, and other features that a regular full-sized stroller typically includes. 

All terrain strollers vs. jogger strollers: what’s the difference?

All-terrain strollers are often confused with jogging strollers since both the all-terrain and joggers’ strollers are three wheelers and can take on multiple terrains. 

However, all-terrain strollers are hybrid of both regular and jogger strollers. On the other hand, jogging strollers are lightweight versions of regular strollers with features conducive to taking out a baby for a jogging session. 

Let’s see what the other things that differentiate both categories:

All-terrain strollerJogging stroller
All-terrain strollers come with air-filled wheels that comfort your baby on rough terrains.
On the contrary, jogging strollers are explicitly produced for jogging or running around parks or sideways.
The all-terrain strollers are heavy, robust, and, most importantly, they can handle hiking and even countryside roads.   
In comparison, Jogger strollers are generally lightweight for you to do jogging comfortably with baby.
All-terrain strollers come with two larger back wheels and a smaller front wheel.
Jogging strollers may have three equal sized wheels.
However, all-terrain strollers are not perfect for infants unless they can support car seats.
But many jogger strollers’ models are suitable for newborns.

When should you choose all terrain strollers?

All-terrain strollers are designed to withstand all terrain types while providing comfort for both the parents and the baby. For parents living in an area with uneven terrain or plan to take their baby to the beach, or rough terrains, we recommend Bugaboo Lynx as the best all-terrain stroller. Read the Bugaboo Lynx review to check if it’s a perfect fit for you.

Moreover, all-terrain strollers can be double, wagon, travel systems or umbrella and many other types. On top of it, there are all-terrain strollers best for hiking or trailing purposes. Get the best all terrain stroller that matches your specific need.

Final thoughts

Which is the best all terrain stroller you should go for? The answer is: what best serves your needs. All-terrain strollers are more relevant for gliding over rough terrains; if you don’t go there, what’s the point of buying one?

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