City Mini 2 Overview. Prams, Strollers and Much More

Baby Jogger is one of the leading providers of baby strollers, baby prams and car seats in the industry. Baby Jogger is well known for their range of strollers that meet the needs of various lifestyles, including travel strollers, everyday strollers, and even jogging strollers.

The Baby Jogger city mini®2 is one of Baby Jogger’s newest offerings, combining the sleekness of a lightweight stroller with the features of a more expansive stroller. The following guide takes a look at the features, specifications and other important details of the Baby Jogger city mini®2.

The city mini®2 Range

Baby Jogger city mini®2 is a compact and lightweight stroller that combines the Baby Jogger signature one-hand compact fold design with the sturdiness of a stroller ready for adventures on city streets, trails and more. The Baby Jogger city mini®2 has a narrow, sleek three-wheel design that is perfect for navigating crowded streets and many types of terrain. The Baby Jogger city mini®2 also features storage, a UV-protective canopy with windows, and other features that provide comfort and convenience to parents and their infants.


The Baby Jogger city mini®2 includes numerous features; the following are the most notable features of this particular Baby Jogger model.

  • One-handed compact folding design is perfect for easy folding on the go

  • UV50 canopy protects infants and babies from the sun

  • Peek-a-boo windows allow parents to see in and children to see out

  • Multiple color options available

  • Extra large storage basket for storing nappy bags, diapers and more

  • Calf support is adjustable

  • Seat recline option that can go nearly flat

  • Car seat adapters

  • Front wheel suspension design for added mobility

  • Compatible with multiple accessories, including: bassinet addition, belly bar, carry bag, child tray, cooler bag, city GO capsule, liquid holster, parent console

The retail price of the Baby Jogger city mini®2 is $549.00 AUD to $579.00 AUD depending on the specifications.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping costs on Baby Jogger city mini®2 strollers will depend on the buyers location and the shipping weight total. At this time, Baby Jogger only ships within Australia.

Baby Jogger allows for 7 day returns of items in brand new, unused condition. Buyers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Is the City Mini 2 Right For You?

There are many different stroller options available for parents today and narrowing them down can be difficult. The Baby Jogger city stroller may be right for you if you are looking for a stroller that combines the lightweight, versatile design of a travel stroller which can navigate crowded city streets and nimble to handle urban terrain with the hardiness of an everyday stroller that can handle everyday use and is compatible with plenty of convenient features.

If you are looking to make the Baby Jogger city mini®2 stroller even more everyday use friendly, consider opting for one or more of the accessories such as baby trays, parent consoles, carry bags and more. These accessories are what could turn the city mini®2 stroller into something that you–and your baby–will be able to use on an everyday basis.

The baby jogger is a part of the amazing baby company in Australia which also has the rights to great brands like 4moms baby bouncer.

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