Building a cardboard fort with your child

Who among us in childhood did not dream of turning a room into an impregnable fort or secret hiding place. A few chairs, a couple of cardboard boxes, pillows and a blanket were enough and the epic home fort was ready. Unfortunately, most often the fun ended with the intervention of parents who noticed the lack of furniture and a sofa stripped of bedspreads. 

The joy of constructing the fort was enormous. Now think how much your children would love to build a fort together with you in the middle of the living room. At first, disbelief may arise, because you have never proposed such a revolution in joint games before. But for sure your kids will like the idea once they try it. It can successfully replace many expensive educational toys.

Instead of using furniture and blankets you can create a cardboard fort from discarded boxes. Turn it into a castle and make connecting tunnels etc. Creating something from the boxes stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Cardboard is easy to work with. It bends, folds as you want it, you can cut it easily, and it’s strong enough to make a decent structure out of it.

Small kids playing in cardboard box fort

Creating from cardboard is inexpensive and we also get the chance to teach our child how something seeming worthless can turn into a useful object.

Creating toys from cardboard packaging materials greatly supports the development of motor skills (small or large, depending on the type of object), develops spatial vision, teaches planning and cooperation.

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How to Build a Fun Cardboard Box Fort with Your Child

Looking to spend quality time with your child? Building a cardboard fort is the perfect way to have fun together and make lasting memories. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and best of all, it encourages creativity. Read on for some tips on how you can build an amazing cardboard fort with your little one!

Let imagination fly

Building a fort is extremely entertaining, but it is only part of the fun. Now use the building time. Your children will definitely have a lot of ideas, but inspire them with your own suggestions. Let them play the brave knights defending the castle, and you become a dangerous dragon. 

The fort can become a base on an alien planet, which you will collectively protect against aliens. Cowboys and Indians in the Wild West, secret hiding place for super spies, and even playing at home, because the fort is also suitable for it – you can use your home fortress every day for something else. If your kids follow the adventures of animated characters, then you can play your favorite characters.

Need some help? – Get a pro looking Fort Building Kit

If you are looking for some great ideas for cardboard building, we recommend Make-A-Fort site where you can get incredible Cardboard Build Kits for your home projects. Here you can find a set for building zigzag cardboard tunnel, house, castle or awesome cardboard maze. It is great fun for the whole family, entertain you child for all day and get him off screen. The great think about cardboard kits is that they are 100% recycled, no plastic is involved.

Cool Cardboard Castle Building Kit

Gather Your Supplies

The first step in building a great cardboard fort is gathering all the supplies you will need. You will need plenty of sturdy cardboard boxes that can be taped together securely. If you don’t have any boxes lying around, try asking local businesses or stores if they have any spare that you could use – many places are happy to donate them for free! Additionally, you’ll need scissors, tape (duct tape works best), and markers for decorations.

Start Building

Build an easy cardboard box fort

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, let your child’s imagination run wild! Help them figure out the layout and design of the fort and then let them start building it themselves. This is a great opportunity to teach problem-solving skills as they figure out how all the pieces fit together. Encourage them to come up with creative solutions like using books or chairs as supports. Once they get going, check in every so often to make sure nothing looks unsafe or unstable.

Decorate It

Once the structure starts taking shape, it’s time to add some decorations! Hand over some markers and let your child go crazy drawing on the walls or writing messages to each other in secret code (or just plain English). You can also add fun elements like curtains made from old sheets or pillows scattered around for extra comfort. Let their creativity shine through this part – there’s no wrong way to decorate a cardboard fort!

Enjoy, you are the king of the castle!

Creating Cardboard Castle Building Kit for Children

Once your fort is complete, sit back and enjoy it together! Have a picnic inside it or have movie night with snacks inside your new hideout. Spending quality time with your family can be hard sometimes but this is an easy way to make sure everyone has fun together while bonding over something creative. Plus, when you’re finished having fun in the fort, simply take it apart and flatten the boxes so that you can use them for future projects – no mess left behind!

Making a cardboard fort is an easy way for parents and children alike to enjoy quality time together while being creative at the same time. With only minimal supplies needed (all of which are easily attainable) anyone can create amazing results in no time at all! So grab those scissors and duct tape and get ready for some serious family bonding – building a cardboard fort has never been more fun!

Take building forts to the next level with a Minecraft Fort Building Kit

Get your kids off the screen and let them build a real world Minecraft cardboard creation.

Creative Minecraft cardboard building kit for kids
Creative Minecraft cardboard building kit for kids

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