Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letters To Spark A Little Magic

Creating a little magic for your child helps their imagination and creativity flourish. And losing teeth is quite a momentous occasion for children. But if you’re a little lost on where to get started – then you’ll love Just Family Fun’s complete set of tooth fairy letters and certificates.

It’s your one-stop guide to bringing the tooth fairy to life!

If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out our hints and tips to help you prepare for the tooth fairy’s first visit to your little one. If you’ve checked Google, you’ll see there are hundreds of resources out there – but this collection covers everything tooth fairy. There’s so much information included that’ll help settle your nerves if you’re new to the tooth fairy game.

Each printable has beautifully crafted images. Your child will be totally absorbed by the rich bright colours and hints of a mystical realm. There’s a huge variety of colour palettes and unique messages across 33 printables. You’ll find the perfect letter for your child here.

What Tooth Fairy Letter Templates Are Included?

Just Family Fun has thought about everything with this collection! Whether it’s your child’s first lost tooth – or their 10th – there’s a letter here for you. Some letters are a4 sized, whilst others are mini-letters that come complete with their own envelopes.

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Tooth Fairy Letter Ideas

There are fun facts, guidance, and even printable colouring pages for your little one. You could deliver one (or more) alongside the free printable tooth fairy letter. You’ll get an extra large toothless smile from your child in the morning!

Some tooth fairy templates are designed for girls and some are for boys. But all of them have a fairy-like enchanting charm that’ll keep your child believing in magic for as long as possible. Encouraging fantasy worlds and belief in children work wonders for their brain development.

As long as they believe it’s possible, it is!

And even better – each letter comes with a tooth fairy template certificate! Here you can personalise the gift left for your child. Just write in their name and the date – now you have a memento to cherish for years to come!

And if for any reason the tooth fairy fails to show up – Just Family Fun have you covered. There are apology letters that will help your child feel acknowledged, rather than them sad or let down. Life happens sometimes, and no one is perfect. So it’s comforting to know there’s a free printable out there that’ll help us out of a tough jam – if the tooth fairy doesn’t arrive when expected.

Tooth-Related Printables Beyond The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy letters ideas

Milk teeth are the perfect time for children to learn good oral health habits. Thankfully, Just Family Fun has also included teeth brushing charts and a printable tooth loss chart. The legend of the tooth fairy can help you encourage teeth brushing – the tooth fairy doesn’t want stinky teeth in her collection after all!

Alongside your free printable tooth fairy letter, try adding in a chart that lets your child know the tooth fairy is concerned about them brushing their teeth.

And she’ll know if they haven’t done it!

This collection covers the whole role of the tooth fairy and has a free printable for every situation. With helpful guidance, hints, and tips throughout – this is a valuable resource for any parents who want to keep the magic alive, but just aren’t sure where to start.

Encourage your child’s imagination without the time and labour of creating beautiful tooth fairy letter templates from scratch yourself.

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