Can Meal Replacement Protein Shakes Cause Nausea?

Exercising for long hours at the gym can often result in wear and tear of your muscles. In order to ensure proper muscle repair and recovery you need to have protein shakes. Take a look around at some of the meal replacement or protein shakes in the market and you will get to know that these are available in several flavors. There also some protein shakes that come with super-foods and prebiotics in order to help them deliver maximum nutrition and also be easy to digest. However, there are also cases wherein people have complained of feeling sick or nauseated after having protein shakes.

Tips to Avoid Feeling Nauseated After Having Protein Shakes

If you feel nauseated or sick every time you have your protein shake, you will naturally think twice before having it another time. However, there are ways to avoid feeling sick after having your protein shake. Some of the tips have been discussed below for your benefit.

  • Check the List of Ingredients: Even before you decide to choose your protein shake, it is always wise to check the list of ingredients. Some of the culprits that can make you feel sick include dairy ingredients, fiber, and sweeteners. If you are lactose intolerant, you will naturally feel sick after having a lactose rich protein shake. Excessive amount of whey or casein in your protein shake is to be avoided. You will also find artificial sweeteners in your protein shakes in order to make the product taste good to users. Artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and mannitol are sugar alcohols that can make you feel sick. Excessive amount of fiber consumption can also make you feel sick as this will disrupt the normal process of your digestive system.

  • Give It Some Time Before Having Your Shake: You may have had a strenuous day at the gym with the weights. This can easily make you have your protein shake immediately after your workout is done. Gulping down the protein shake immediately after a heavy workout can easily make you feel nauseated and sick. After you are done with your workout routine, the blood in your body is more focused at traveling to your muscles rather than your digestive system. It will be better to take some time and rest awhile before you have your protein shake. Also, make sure that you have the shake slowly and not in a gulp.

  • Have Water After the Shake: The protein shake that you have normally has a creamy and rich texture. If you add banana and almond butter to it, your stomach easily gets confused with the sludgy substance. Although it is always a good idea to add some more ingredients to your protein shake, it is better not to make things tougher for your stomach. It will be a good idea to have some water after having your shake or you can also add water to the shake while you have it. This will melt down the creamy shake and make things easier for your stomach to digest it properly.

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