Can you take L.O.L OMG dolls head off to put the necklace on?

Have you ever had an issue figuring out how to put those “surprise” accessories on for those glamourous LOL OMG fashion dolls?

Probably one of the most challenging thing to put is the necklace of the fierce style Da Boss from Series 3 of the LOL Surprise OMG.

The rise of the LOL Surprise OMG dolls hasn’t gone unnoticed to say the least. Toy stores, online shops, YouTube and every possible source of kids related outlet has LOL OMG brand all over them. And apart from the fun kids get from them, parents often get frustrated without the lack of instructions provided.

My 6 year old daughter also got one of the DA BOSS dolls and she came to me asking:

How to dress up the LOL doll? Can I take the head off to put the necklace on?

I genuinely didn’t know and definitely didn’t want to break a rather expensive doll, that would surely break her little heart.

The necklace seemed too small and quite fragile to fit on the neck.

After trying to push it on, I was afraid to break the accessory.

Do OMG dolls heads come off?

Trying to take the head off is a bad idea. It is NOT detachable. If you force it, it will break and the doll is ruined.

The solution is for putting the golden necklace on is to gently open it at the bottom, wider part and slowly put firmly push it onto the neck. It’s made of plastic just flexible enough to snap on.

Taking it off is another struggle – if you take my advice, once it’s on… leave it on :)

take lol omg head off

The problem with L.O.L. doll necklaces

Some of L.O.L. doll necklaces are made of rigid, hard plastic which is not flexible enough to get it around the doll’s neck easily. When you are trying to flex it, it can feel like that the lol necklace accessory may break any time. You can’t buy these doll accessories individually so it’s a bummer if you snap one, your child will 100% get upset! So just patience and gently push a little until it fits the doll’s neck. Good luck!

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