Do any of you moms have any secrets on how to lose baby weight quick?

Question by NewMommy12272008: Do any of you moms have any secrets on how to lose baby weight quick?
I am two month post pregnancy and have about 25 pounds to lose! Looking for healthy and fast ideas on how to lose baby tummy fat!!! Thanks.

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Answer by Cindy D
Get out the stroller and get moving!

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  1. Breastfeeding worked the best for me. I dropped all of my baby weight by four months post pardum. If you are not breastfeeding, I suggest doing P90X. Google it. It’s extremely intense, but will give you great results. I also liked working out to Carmen Electra’s Striptease videos. You get excersise, and pick up a few great tips for in the bedroom. Then your husband or bf won’t mind if you have some extra baby weight hanging on… if you show him how you use it!! haha

  2. running, it’s the best workout out of everything, because you have to do it yourself… i just learned this in anatomy and physiology… and also yoga… my instructor said it’s not working the muscles with exercising equipment… but when you do yogo… you have to work those muscles (stomach) yourself… you have to balance yourself… and with that… it comes to tightning up those abs

  3. Breastfeeding. My SIL was a size 6 pre-pregnancy, and by the time her daughter was 5 months old she was a size 2. No dieting whatsoever, the only exercise she got was taking care of the baby.
    I hope that method works for me :) everyone else I’ve talked to that has breastfed has had similar results.

    Other than that just make sure you don’t eat junk food all day and once it gets warmer out get outside with your little one :)

  4. breast feed and take the baby for walks and eat healthy

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