Footwear designed with your baby in mind

If you’re looking to buy baby shoes online in the USA, we at BabyMoccs certainly think that you’ve come to the right place. Not only is our shoe collection comprised of high fashion baby footwear – because even little people shouldn’t have to compromise on style! -, but all of our baby shoes are designed with your baby’s needs at the forefront.

The idea behind our shoes…

There is some debate as to whether it’s necessary to wrap our babies’ feet into a pair of shoes before they’re even walking, and we couldn’t agree more – which is exactly why we’ve designed the perfect shoes for tiny feet. Our little ones spend countless hours exploring their surroundings, and though it’s great to keep their tiny toes free to feel the ground beneath them, sometimes they need just a bit more of a barrier between them and the outside world. Our shoes are lightweight and supple, giving your baby the protection they need without limitation. The Baby Moccasins that we stock will protect the tops of your baby’s feet when crawling, while also allowing them to find their natural balance when they start to test out their first steps!

The design specifics…

Our shoes are available in sizes 2,3,4 and 5, meaning that we have focused only on babies and the particular needs that they have from footwear. BabyMoccs are made with leather and suede to keep them soft against your baby’s delicate skin, as well as including an elastic opening to make it easier to put shoes on and help them to stay put. The soles of all of our baby moccasins are made with suede, with sizes 4 and 5 including gripped rubber to prevent slipping when they start to take their brave first steps!

First shoes for your baby…

Have a look at our Baby Bare Moccs in rose, brown or black if you’re looking for soft footwear with minimal design that is perfect for your baby’s first pair of shoes! These are as comfortable and well fitted as an extra layer of skin; your baby will barely even notice that they’re wearing shoes, yet you can have some peace of mind that their delicate feet are wrapped up with care. For something with more design and detail, you’ll find Mary Jane’s, leopard print Chelsea boots and sandal style moccasins on our website that offer your baby the same barefoot support.

Equip your baby with a pair of our high fashion baby moccasins, and know that they are wearing footwear designed to promote healthy development. And what’s more, if you sign up to our newsletter you’ll receive 10% off of your first order!

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