Healthy Halloween Snacks for Children

Halloween snacks for children must necessarily appear on the “ghostly” party. They are an additional element of Halloween decoration. What Halloween snacks to prepare for children? They love different monsters so why not take advantage of the situation and not smuggle some healthy snacks?

The evening of October 31 is a great fun especially for children who are dressing up in scary costumes, collect sweets by going from home to home or spending time with friends. It is worth to make sure that this evening is full of fun and delicious snacks . If you have a Halloween party , but you do not have any idea for Halloween snacks, you can find some examples below.

Healthy and tasty proposals prepared from fruits, vegetables or wholemeal bread. Perfect as a light snack, and in addition extremely effective. For children a great way to have fruit or other healthy snack instead of crisps and sweets.

Which ideas for healthy Halloween snacks are the most popular and are easy to prepare?


Mandarin or orange pumpkins

This is probably the fastest and the simplest Halloween snack for kids. Use the black color to paint eyes and mouth.

mandarina pumpkin


Monster mouth

This snack does not require a lot of work, is healthy and above all – looks great at the Halloween party. The monster’s mouth is not only a delicious morsel – it is also an excellent decorative element. What you need is an apples and almonds flakes. Cut the apples into quarters and make almond teeth with almond flakes.

monster mouth halloween


Banana ghosts

Tasty, healthy, simple to prepare. It’s the perfect solution for all busy people who need to organize something for Halloween “last minute”. Frozen buuuu-nans are delicacies that will entrap even the most restless spirits. Cut the bananas in half and chill them in the freezer for one hour. Put them in honey and then in coconut chips. Mix cocoa with coconut oil to create a chocolate topping. Draw the faces of evil spirits to her. Dessert can be served on a tray or on skewers. 

bananas ghosts halloween


Orange pumpkin 

Cut the top of the orange and gently hollow the center so that the skin does not break. When the orange is empty, cut out triangular eyes and square teeth. Inside put cubes of fruits.

pumpkin orange halloween snacks


Kiwi Frankenstein

Peel the skin leaving a little bit on the top. Ice and mouth make from the candies or simply draw with chocolate spread.

frankestain kiwi halloween


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