Ideas for additional work for new momms

Are you at home with your child and would you like to continue to grow professionally? Or can the home budget need to be repaired? No matter what your situation is, you can always consider taking on extra work from home. We have some offers for you which you can choose?

Me personally I find it convenient to work online through various freelancing portals and online marketplaces. My top source of online work is Fiverr where you can list your “gigs” for free and offer any kind of digital service that you feel you are capable of doing.

These gigs or micro-job listings can be an array of digital offerings such as writing jobs, doing translations (if you know multiple languages this is perfect), creating graphics, giving shout-outs on social media and/or websites (if you own a blog for example like mine). There are literally hundreds of other possibilities you can come up with and you can be in business in a matter of hours.

You can get paid from via Paypal and Payoneer which is very convenient. There are no location restrictions on this site so you can be anywhere in the world with your laptop and an internet connection and do valuable online work.

If you are already active on Fiverr or perhaps this is not the kind of work you see yourself doing as a stay-at-home parent read on and you might just find some more constructive ideas below.

The choice is big, but not easy at all. First of all, remember that your studies or previous work do not have to limit you. Of course, if you are a high school graduate, it will be easiest for you to look for work related to the degree of study you have completed. But it does not have to be. Also, consider your interests, completed training and courses, or innate abilities and passions.

Pros and cons of working as a mom from home

You can work from home or part-time, such as afternoons and weekends. This is the biggest plus of additional work. The cost, which we most often have to bear if the job is not in line with our professional profile, is a disadvantage. These are software costs, additional courses or commutes. Nevertheless, it is worth investing, as it may happen that extra work will set a new direction in your career.

Also, it is not easy to work at home with a little child, so first consider whether your toddler will allow you to sit for several hours a day at the computer.

What kind of work can you do from home?

Correction and Editing – Writing texts for both the Internet and the newspapers can be an interesting option, but it is also very popular. The higher education is not required in this work.

Translations – most translators work from home, so if you know a language well, you can safely try to find such a job. The less popular the language is, the more needed translator.

Writing – many portals are looking for authors, reviewers, and columnists. If you like to write, you should send your texts to various portals.

Search for information – Many portals need people to search for different information: stars, events in the world, new trends.

Data Entry – a task requiring mindfulness and expert keyboard handling, but it can be performed by anyone. In general, data from surveys are included.

Tutoring – if you like teaching and have completed a degree program, you can give tutoring. English, history, biology, and mathematics are the most popular subjects. Maybe some junior high school student needs help? You can post ads.

Call center – many companies can make phone surveys from home. You will then get a call on the card and the base of the companies/people you are calling. This kind of work might be tiring, but also interesting.

Writing and formatting texts – master’s theses, bachelors, and any texts that the authors can not handle. Often, older people can not use Word and need to write a word or an article on their computer.

Internet Sales – Deals on Allegro never enough. Perhaps someone looking for a person to handle web sales? Or maybe you have a merchant line? And you can sell anything, baby clothes or handicrafts.

Handicrafts – here you need only the talent: painting, sewing, baking, etc. You can sell your products yourself or offer to handicraft shops.

Graphics and DTP – to tackle DTP and computer graphics, complete the course or just take some time to get to the right programs, such as InDesign, Photoshop, Gimp. Well, it would also be nice to have some ingenuity and artistic ability.

Photo-processing – processing photos, preparing them for printing, photomontage, but also photography – hardware, and software are expensive, but work can provide a lot of pleasure.

Web Design – here you will also need to learn Internet tools and creative inventions. The most popular web hosting platform is WordPress, and you can earn on orders from companies from all over the world! 

Blogging – Contrary to appearances on the blog you can earn. If you find an interesting topic and you get readers, you can run for advertising.

Completion of paid surveys – they can be filled in via the Internet, and you can go to specially organized meetings in research companies. Money is not big, but once you find yourself in the company database, they will invite you regularly.

Recommendation – it’s about clicking on ads and “Like it” on Facebook. In this way, companies get paid to visit the site, and you make money. It can also be used to post comments on forums and under advertising articles.

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