Post Pandemic Jobs to suit Working Mothers

Many people have changed their careers following the pandemic. This has left many other people pondering where they would like to work in the new work environment. If you are a mum looking to return to work following maternity, the new and often changed workplace can be daunting. 

Remote working

During the pandemic, many people were working from home and this has now become a new normal for many jobs. This means that many people had to learn new skills to work effectively in a remote environment. This can mean that if you are returning to the workplace, it may be ideal to update your IT skills. 

IT skills for remote working

Updating your IT skills is the key to being able to work well in the new virtual working from home environment. Now people will be accessing their work drives and systems using systems that allow online access. This means that people will need to learn how to use Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. These are the main programmes that employers use to enable people to work from home. Most people would have used Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint in their jobs for many years. However, you may need to update skills here also, so that you can adapt your skills to work with the Office 365 versions of these programmes. We have spoken to IT trainers from a Microsoft Academy, who have confirmed that they have seen many people keen to update these skills the COVID 19 pandemic.

Careers Options for Working Mums

Many mothers are very keen to work from home, now that this is so common. Working from home gives you the flexibility you need to be able to collect the kids and be at home for family time. 

Executive Assistant careers have changed during the pandemic. An Executive Assistant normally supports a high-level manager or executive. During the pandemic, many executive realised that they could work from home more. Therefore, with a travelling or remote manager, Executive Assistants have been able to work remotely also. Therefore, more Executive Assistant jobs that involve part of the week working from home, or full work from home options.

Virtual Assistant Businesses

Virtual Assistant businesses have become very popular. This is because an Executive Assistant Careers involve working for a very powerful individual. Therefore, you can get a good salary, but you will not be your own boss. Virtual Assistants are their own bosses. A Virtual Assistant will set up their own business offering administrative support to entrepreneurs. Many Vas are able to establish successful businesses that give you the freedom of owning your own business. This truly modern business is adapted to the modern virtual world. 

Data Controller jobs have grown in the last few years. These offer people the ability to provide Data entry and Data Controller services to employers in a working from home job. Many data controllers have full-time jobs working from home, but other work in self-employed contracts. This type of job is easy to find due to a high number of vacancies. However, salaries are generally lower than the others options listed.

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