Mommies, want to lose the baby weight?

Question by mkaaw: Mommies, want to lose the baby weight?
If you just had a baby, you got the mommy signature belly lol! I am a mommy of twin girls, and after spending a ridiculous amount of money (that could have gone to diapers, wipes, formula etc!) I finally found a fairly cheap workout dvd series! I’m not spamming, just giving my mom to mom advice! moms deserve more than the “mommy body”…we shouldn’t have to feel jealous of every woman out there that is skinny and doesnt’ have kids! I was determined to find something that would work for moms. And I found it!! I got a 6 pack, and lost allll my baby weight! The link is too long for here, so email me for the link..good luck!!
first off, how many mommies do you know have a 6 pack and don’t have a baby pooch from just jogging? I mean, I have twin toddlers, and they wear me out, but that never got my fit! And the dvds are less than $ 50…I’m just giving you the site…trying to help.

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Answer by Wag’s Girl
yeah right….like its for real

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  1. And this will cost me how much $ ???????????????

  2. Guess what. For ZERO DOLLARS you can lose baby weight by getting outside with your baby several times a week and walking or jogging. Do some stair steps in your house. Put your baby in a baby carrier and dance for 10 minutes. Work your transverse abs several times a week. ( )
    Do kegels while you’re driving in the car. Drink lots of water. Just be active with your baby! I’ve lost 10 pounds so far just doing these things and spending no money!

    Hey, did you know that “sucking in” your tummy actually strengthens those transverse ab muscles and will help the mommy pooch go away quicker? True.

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