New mommies: Was it hard losing the baby weight after having your baby?

Question by No Name Chick: New mommies: Was it hard losing the baby weight after having your baby?
I’m 160 pounds and 38 weeks pregnant. Pre pregnancy I was 119 so I have gained quite the weight.

How hard was it for you to lose the weight?

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Answer by Danielle B

Congrats on your pregnancy. I gained 50lbs with my first baby and it was SO easy to get it off. I just ate 1,200 calories a day and took a 30 minute walk each evening.

My second baby the weight has been SO hard to take off. Nothing seems to work. I just ordered a $ 119.00 6 week body makeover kit- I am hoping that works!

You will be fine, good luck :)

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  1. It was actually pretty easy. I just eat decently healthy ( I still occasionally treat myself) – I eat LOTS of fruit & oatmeal & breastfeed & with both my babies I lost it all in under a month. Nursing can really boost weight loss since it burns calories. With my first I continued loosing & ended up having to really up my calories to try & keep weight on – as apparently nursing long term kept burning calories… The newest babe is only 5 weeks – so that probably will go the same way. I am not toned like I was before – so I still need to get back into shape of course, but the extra weight is gone already.

  2. harley_cowgirl_20 October 4, 2013 at 7:01 am

    I weighed 115 before and 165 at 37 weeks and now 2 weeks after I had her I was 126. Most of that weight will disappear after you have the baby cuz of all the fluid and stuff.

  3. I ate very healthy and stayed very active during my pregnancy and i gained 27lbs but i also had my baby 3 weeks early so it probably would have ended up being more. I walked around my jobsite on my lunch break every day till the day i delivered. I didn’t let my being prego an excuse to be lazy and eat unhealthy. I really think that is key. After I had my baby i lost about 15 lbs automatically and the rest came off in about a month.

    BREASTFEED BREASTFEED BREASTFEED! not only is it great for your baby, it helps sucks some extra calories out of ya :) I’m actually about 10 lbs under my pre baby weight from breastfeeding.

  4. mommy & wife is TTC October 4, 2013 at 8:12 am

    For me, it wasn’t very difficult. I gained 25lbs, and had started out at 120lbs. I lost all the weight within three weeks, and then as soon as I was allowed to start to workout I started to tone up again. By 4 months I looked back to normal (in fact, a little thinner). I think breastfeeding was what made me drop all of the weight so quickly – that and a healthy lifestyle.

    Don’t stress over it though. Even if it takes you longer, it’ll come off eventually. Living a healthy lifestyle is key!

  5. Cloth on Bum, Breastmilk in Tum! October 4, 2013 at 8:22 am

    I was 120 lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter. I gained 55 lbs and by the time she was 4 months old I’d lost 45 with no effort. (Yay breastfeeding!)

    I was 132 when I got pregnant with my son, and I gained 45 lbs. He is 5.5 weeks old and I have been at 145 lbs since he was 3 weeks old. That 30 lbs literally flew off; I want to lose 17 more, and it will likely take a little more effort. But hey, I have a newborn, so I haven’t had a spare second to put that effort in yet.

    Since you are smaller to begin with, it’s totally normal for you to gain more weight than some people. If you are a generally active person and don’t eat crap, it will probably not be too hard to lose.

  6. well i only gained 28 pounds and i was 118 prepregnancy weight.
    after i had the baby and was done being swollen (about a week) i went down to 124 but my breastfeeding and my boobs are a size bigger.
    so i pretty much went back to my reg. weight but once you have the baby you won’t worry about your body for a bit.

  7. well i am 5’8 and my pre preg weight was 150 ish and i gained 55 pounds throughout my pregnancy (my baby was 11 pounds and 22 inches long) and she is now 3 weeks old and i have lost 45 pounds, i have done absolutely no working out, since i had a c section, but i do breastfeed, so i hear that has a lot to do with it.

    i guess everyone is different, but i have been very pleased with my weight loss.

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