Overweight mommies take longer to lose baby weight?

Question by ma’scam: Overweight mommies take longer to lose baby weight?

From what I’ve been reading here, I think mommies who are chubby or overweight take longer to lose the baby weight.

I’m overweight, my baby is 4 1/2 months, and haven’t lost anything (at least from what I know… I started eating healthy and execising this week :) but I still dont want to weight myself)

Are you a overweight mommy having trouble loosing the baby weight??? What are you doing ??

I just want to feel I’m not by my self!!!

Thin Mommies: I don’t like you!! LOL!! Just kidding… you are just so lucky!!!!

God bless you all :)


Best answer: Answer by ~*cindy *~

my daughter was like the lucky ones she was a size 0 when she started and a month later after she had my grandson she was a 0 …..lol as for me my baby is 13 yrs old the youngest i have 4….lol and im still carrying baby weight so dont get discouraged hun you will lose it especially when the baby has you running all over the place…..lol good luck and try not to worry just enjoy your baby and be happy !!!

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  1. I don’t know if that is necessarily true. I think it’s just plain genetics. I agree I’m green with envy but also hate those perfect women who look so skinny and beautiful pregnant and then look like a model 2 days after they give birth! I was my “ideal” weight when I got pregnant 138-140, gained 80 lbs, not beautiful pregnant, I was a whale, 11 1/2 months later I have lost 65 lbs and still need to lose at least 20 more to feel happy about myself. I eat right but don’t have time or energy to exercise.

  2. I wasn’t overweight to begin with, but I gained too much during my pregnancy (50 lbs) and have slowly begun to realize that losing weight is NOT easy. I’ve lost 40 pounds in 4 1/2 months but I’ve been working at it. I’m running, eating sensibly, and breastfeeding. I don’t know if being overweight before pregnancy makes it harder…I just think gaining more than the recommended 25-35 pounds makes it harder. Either way, good luck!

  3. Iv never been really slim but iv always been happy with my bidy, when i fell preg i piled the weight on and was huge, my daughter is now 8mnths and iv lost a lil but im the biggest ive ever been, i wouldnt say im huge cos iv seen loads of ppl bigger than me but im quite chunky.lol…i go for walk and drink water and try cut sweets etc and make portions smaller…good luck

  4. NO SHITT,,,lol

    ive had 4 kids, stayed chubby inbetween all of them , my youngest is 17 months and im still a chubber, it sux
    your not alone, im with you, and i see lots of big mums out there too, lol
    i love when theyr bigger than me, and hate when theyr thinner, lol

    in 17 months ive lost 12 kg,, i need to lose like 20kg still, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx best of luck to u too!

  5. lol—i hate to tell you this but I think if you are overweight before you got pregnant then it is definitely harder to lose the baby weight…also depends on if you are breastfeeding or not–breastfeeding will help you lose more weight. I have a friend who was overweight b4 gettng pregnant and she is also having trouble losing the weight.. me on the other hand am having trouble keeping the weight on–I am a really thin girl(i weigh 100lbs) and at 9 months preggo i weighed 125 lbs…and i had a C-section- after a week of giving birth i lost ALL my baby weight and b/c Im also breastfeeding–I am losing more weight than i want–i am down to a 95:(

  6. Hi Cam’sma’,
    I was thin before getting pregnant. I gained so much weight and now my baby is 13months old and I have only lost 5lbs.
    I eat well, walk, drink pomegranate juice, cut all salt and salty foods, eating multigrain breads, glucose free pasta and drinking steamed cherry tea(diuretic).
    Unless your burning more than what your eating, nothing will change. My husband is pinching me to join a gym and I do believe I will. Don’t feel alone, your not. Just be happy that you and your baby are healthy. Everything will come in time.
    oh and by the way..I was 120lbs and ballooned to 165. Now, I’m at 158-160.
    God bless you~

  7. sexyshannon_28 March 14, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    I went through that with my second baby. I gained almost 80 lbs. and I never lost it, not right away. I nursed and started eating healthy and I lost approximately 11 lbs. I felt frustrated and wouldn’t do anything else to lose weight. When my son was 6 months old, my neighbor friend had a baby and when she would go on walks with her baby, she would invite me to walk with her. So I walked with her three times a day; when you walk with someone, it doesn’t seem as bad. We began swapping recipes and meeting for lunch; before I knew it, my son was a year old and I was back to my prepregnancy size. It only took me a year and some months to lose it, but I finally lost it. You are not alone; my weight yo-yo’ed up and down for years before I finally began keeping it off. Get out and walk with your baby; if you have older ones, run after them. Don’t “snack-bite;” this is a common practice where hurried moms takes bites here and there throughout the day, along with regular meals. You can do it; I did. Went from an 18 to a 6 and I feel great because I finally see the fruits of my hard work.

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