Post-Baby body…?

Question by Mommy of 2: Post-Baby body…?
How much did your body change from being pregnant and how did you feel about your body after baby? I see alot of women who say they dislike their post baby body, and alot of women seem to keep the weight they gained if not gain more. I feel like one of the luck ones, I just had my second baby. Before any babies I weighed 98lbs…after baby I weighed 120. I was very upset for the longest time cause I had never really weighed over 100lbs. Now after my second child I now weigh 133lbs….and I am just very content with my body. I lost almost all my tummy, but I do have the big mom hips and mom arms. Is there anyway to get rid of those? And how soon after can you start working out?

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Answer by bzrrogirl
You can start working out again at six weeks, with your doctor or midwife’s okay. Exercise and diet are the only way to remove excess pounds.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what you’re asking.

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  1. missselena2002 March 2, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Breastfeeding would have been the best way to start. You can workout with lite weights to work on the arms (the mommy hips dont go away). Also, lots of jogging can help too.Good luck!

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