Presents for baby that mom will appreciate

The gift for the newborn is quite a challenge. If we are experienced parents we have at least some idea what a newborn or / and a newly bred parent may need. If we do not have children ourselves, it is harder for us.

You have to be very careful not to duplicate things. It’s kind of like a wedding – no one wants to end up with two microwaves – in this case we do not want three educational mats for example.  If we want to buy something from the list of necessities, it is worth asking if parents are already in possession of this thing. If you want to buy something “big”, such as a feeding chair, you should consider not only the fact that parents already have it, but also that they have the ability to have their own taste.

So what to buy? What presents to get newborns this year – check out our ideas.

BLANKET – always and everywhere. Blanket on many blogs is making a fuss as always a gift for the baby. Besides, there is a range of blankets on the market that we really have to choose.

GADGETS  – After talking to parents, listening to their needs, they may find that they have some kind of dream gadget like nanny with a breath monitor. Then you might want to consider putting in a few people if the gift – as in the case of a nanny with a breath monitor – is quite expensive. Remember – in such cases it is really worth to consult with the parents of the baby not only in terms of what type of gift they are dreaming about, but exactly what brand, model, etc. Shame to risk a gift wrong with more expensive shopping.

FLANNEL AND BAMBOO DIAPERS – another cool gift. Most of the diapers, which are supplied by young parents, are definitely tetras, they are just cheaper. There are beautiful flannel or bamboo diaper sets available. This is a nice and practical gift. Nappies never too much!

PAMPERS – very cool gift – although it is worth to check which brand parents use for their baby. If they don’t have much experience yet with the diapers, better to buy one proven diaper brand.  If the brand happen to be a strange for parent –  your gift will go to the drawer, and unfortunately will not be used. The essence of buying pampers pack is that it is a practical gift from the assumption (well, because we agree, neither nice nor sentimental :) if it is not consumed, all its meaning disappears.

HAND MADE GIFTS – this category includes all the albums for the kid and all the sweet gadgets, silver nipple with the name, date of birth. It is a cool way to stop the moment, a very good gift souvenir.

MONEY – it will definitely be a better gift than a bad gift. But we do not always “feel” enough to come with an envelope. Then a better solution is to buy a gift that is blanket or bamboo or flannel diapers, which will certainly come in handy.

CLOTHS – is definitely the number one gift for the baby. There are different opinions about the size in which these newborn clothes should be presented. If you want to buy clothes, you really want to buy bigger sizes.

Be careful to hit the tastes of parents. And the last thing – pay attention to the time of year in which your clothes will be worn (do not buy a winter suit for a 3 month old baby born in May).

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