Q&A: How to get a fitness workout with baby?

Question by XPaganGalX: How to get a fitness workout with baby?
Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of weight gained from a lack of exercises and not eating right. My goal is to lose these fat and on the top the baby weight as well. The problem is how do I exercises with my 12 month daughter while being a stay at home mom. I know some things I can do for cardio is walking, jogging with stroller, biking, and dancing. I’m not sure on what I can for strength training during the week. If you know of any good advice, websites with me and baby workout clips, websites, books, DVD, please send me a post.

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Answer by Leah~Ari’s Mommy 10/23/09~
Go to YouTube and search for “cardio kickboxing workout”…a bunch will pop up and they will kick your butt! I have done a lot of them while my 7 month old plays…she likes to stop and watch Mommy doing all sorts of crazy moves. lol

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  1. I went through a similar thing..I lost most of the weight then gained an extra 15 on top from bad eating and no exercise.. I started the insanity program (by beach body) in April and lowered my calorie intake eating healthier and have lost 19lbs..You can google insanity, but really any cardio will help! I did it while my daughter had her morning nap.

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